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Michael the Author

In his first book, APOK, author Michael Walton introduced readers to Miguel Mejia, the disgraced cop who was thrust into a world of violence, subterfuge, international intrigue, and duplicity.

While working as a Detective on an Internal Affairs investigation, Michael started putting pen to paper in January 2011, creating APOK. Later that same year a near-death incident left him unable to return to work. Being advised that he may never enter the field again, Michael turned his complete focus to writing. Taking advantage of every opportunity, including between medical appointments, Michael eventually had the first draft complete.

Alone, in the dark, Michael faced his demons, while the reality of a writer’s life set in…Write. Edit. Repeat.

By May 2013, APOK hit the shelves and Michael began a road-show involving touring, interviews and book store appearances.  A whirl-wind of locations replaced the solitude of writing, marking the double life an author must live. 

And, it wasn’t long before the need to start on the next project – in this instance, APOK Derailed.