It Begins…

My first blog…that might be the source of laughter to some, but I can happily reply to the endless critics that for 5 years I’ve woken up early and stayed up late working on ‘APOK Derailed’ a story that will captivate you! Fear not the end is quickly approaching, release date is scheduled for June 3rd, 2019.

In answer to your next question, I have many things planned to reward loyal APOK fans that have endured the long 6 year wait! I can’t believe it myself that it’s been 6 years!

Those that know me, know that I just like to get things done…so let’s strike this off my list and get this party started!

The initial APOK Contest begins now!!!

In order to qualify for the AUGUST 2018 contest – you must sign up for the newsletters on the / website, ‘LIKE’ the ‘APOK the Novel’ Facebook page, and share a recent ‘APOK the Novel’ Facebook post mentioning “” within the caption in order to have your name entered into a draw for $50 CAD.

Draw will occur within the month of September 2018.



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