Marketing – Being Unique in a Sea of Fish

Date: 2018 September 25

APOK News:

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Surfing off the Coast of Peru.


Marketing – Being Unique in a Sea of Fish

Hollywood’s action films are the pinnacle of success in many ways. One aspect that sticks out in my mind is their marketing tactics. Months leading up to release, they grab you by the five senses. From specially designed music, attractive art or images, to cups, toys and even food commercials, all working together to make you want more. Gradually over the course of the marketing campaign they bombard the streets with information, infiltrating every sector of society. Seeking gratification to end their daily onslaught of curiosity torment, the public pack into theatres to let their minds become swept away into an imaginary world.

Early on, I realized that I needed to develop interest in APOK and what better model than Hollywood. With a year before the book would make its debut, I hired a graphic designer to build me a website and produce business cards. The website was essential to establish credibility to my novel and me as an author. Although I didn’t have the budget for such an elaborate Hollywood marketing program, I knew I needed to make a splash, but how? One day I found myself scrolling through community events and located a number of interesting avenues. Calling in a few favors, the first event was set to go.

Dressed in a prisoner’s neon orange jumpsuit, with handcuffs on my wrists and shackles on my ankles, I was prepared for my first engagement. The favors showed up dressed in police type clothing. Everything was ready. Gathering around me the pseudo-security team performed a prisoner escort. We joined the crowd ready for the Heart and Stroke 5 kilometer walk. Unable to ignore our sight, we definitely had people turn their heads, some for a split second appearing afraid to make eye contact. Handing out business cards to the curious public, we were successful. People knew APOK existed and traffic to the social media page swelled.

Setting the bar even higher, literally and figuratively, dressed in the same bright orange prisoner jumpsuit, I rappelled down Toronto City Hall’s Nathan Phillips square having raised a substantial amount of money for a local hospital. Once on the ground, my security team surrounded me and once again escorted me through the downtown streets of Toronto to the courthouse. Once again, we were successful getting people to stop and find out more about APOK.

As much fun and success as I was having early on, I realized that I needed to focus on the product and not the marketing. I found marketing drew my mind out of the editing / writing process and into a different creative mindset. Still struggling with daily headaches that ranged in strength and severity, at the time it was too much, and I couldn’t transition effectively. I found it’s a fine balance between product and the marketing but in the end, if I don’t finish the book it was all for nothing. Back to my cave I went. I set up minor online events to maintain interest while I worked towards my ultimate goal.

Fast forward to May 2013, the book was published and I started focusing on Marketing again. I had a relatively small following that was growing and interested in what I was working on. In order to really push the limits of success, I needed a plan. Number one on that list was a Book Launch event. Researching what was typically involved, I resisted such static ideas, and decided to shake things up. Little did how much I of a splash I was going to make.


Mike’s thoughts

Although I decided to follow Hollywood’s manner of marketing, I believe originality is the key.

It has to stand out. Spend time with family, friends and get a sense of what they enjoy or would like to see.

From there its all about managing money, time and resources.

Depending on your budget you may have to call in more favors than someone else. If you don’t have contacts in certain areas you will need to make some.

I was surprised how supportive everyone can be. Outside your circle of family and friend and despite my images I still managed to get buy in from perfect strangers, and local businesses.

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Take this as a challenge. If you’re scared good, go after it and don’t let anything get in your way.



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