Behind the Dust Cover – The Making of APOK – Booklaunch

Date: 2018 October 8

APOK News – Happy Thanksgiving regardless if your Canadian or not. Yes we up here in the land of snow do celebrate a tad earlier than our neighbors to the south. Welcome to another edition of APOK news and the continuing saga detailing “Behind the dust cover – the making of APOK.”

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and they had an opportunity to be thankful something regardless how small. I have much to be thankful for, and following in line with my FACEBOOK post, I believe the single most important thing I have to be thankful is the SECOND CHANCE.

Carrying on with APOK news, I’ve been running lots of FACEBOOK ads recently if you have received and liked it, thank you. In saying that we have seen a dramatic upswing in the APOK the novel FACEBOOK followers because of the ADS. Thanks everyone.

Repaying your generosity, today on Thanksgiving Monday, I finished revision #25. One more step closer to publishing and providing you a labor of love that will entertain you.

And last night on the eve of Thanksgiving I released the newest JSPW Animations’ VIDEO – starring APOK’s .OK. figure demonstrating the versatility of the character, along with new music from the KWINTIN Studio. Here is the link – ENJOY –

There is so much building, this month we will be giving away the first KINDLE, be sure to get your name into the draw. For details refer the CONTEST page on the website.

Talk soon,



Book Launch

Surprise! Planning a party is yet another full time occupation that requires dedication and a significant amount of time (just add it to the growing list of occupations; writer, editor, marketer, party planner). By this time, the faithful fans’ anticipation was building. Obtaining volunteers to help out was essential but somewhat easier as there was a tangible product to back. Fortunately for me, one such fan had a friend who owned a bar who offered their location for the event.

There was much to do only so much time to do it. I picked a date and began working towards it. I hired a musical performer, security, a number of friends to role play, and a master of ceremonies. I rented special effect equipment, bought props and uniforms, and negotiated with a local business for the rental of more props and clothing. I hired a local cake shop to create a specially designed cake and cupcakes. I hired the graphic designer to put together special posters advertising the event. With time disappearing on the clock, we were nearing the date. The most involved thing that I was planning was a skit to replace the standard book launch reading. On top of all of that, I wanted to capitalize on this event for future marketing, so I hired a photographer and a camera crew to capture the entire event.

One of my friends and his wife put together an audio track, while I brokered a deal with another friend for his black suburban. All we needed now was rehearsal time. Days before the rehearsal day, my aunt who helped me with APOK died. I cancelled the rehearsal knowing I would be out of town for the funeral. I rescheduled it to occur the day of the event, before doors opened.

Before going to the funeral, I had a number of family and friends help me distribute door to door posters advertising the event. At the same time, I was experiencing difficulty contacting the musical performer that I had hired. They weren’t returning phone calls or messages. I sent a message indicating that I would hiring someone else if they didn’t respond. Nothing, no response. With little time remaining, I was on the hunt for someone to replace the original performer. Letting it be known what was happening, I was pleasantly surprised. Unknown to me, a friend from work was involved in a band, had the capabilities to do exactly as I needed, and most of all was available and willing to perform. Perfect, it was all coming together.

Book launch day was here. There was no time to waste. I worked late the night before getting everything ready. In the morning, it was all gas, no brake. Gathering everything required, we began setting up. While some were busy doing that, myself and others were running through the skit. Being the director of this orchestra, I was constantly juggling various tasks as things came into alignment. Unrelenting, the clock continued to tick and now people were starting to show up and we weren’t completely ready.

Unable to wait any longer for the photographer, the show must go on. With fireworks going off, a smoke machine working in the bar and men in balaclavas brandishing handguns with lasers sights slicing through cloud, we had the audience’s attention. The suburban screeched to a stop in front of the bar and more men in balaclavas with handguns yanked me out pulling me through the bar. Exit stage left.

Outside the bar waiting for our cue to return and face the crowd, we could hear sirens in the distance. With all eyes on me, my friends asked, “Did you let the cops know like you said you would?” In the confusion of the day, it was the only thing I forgot. Showing up with their guns out, the local cops went to work, arresting one of the actors who had been wearing a balaclava. After a little bit of explaining their guns went away and they located the real culprit out back, me. After more explaining the show went on. Unknown to the audience who thought this was all part of the show, there wasn’t a lull in the performance.

Standing in front of the mic, I looked up seeing a packed venue. It sunk in. I did. I did what I set out to do. And all these people, were here to support me and my idea. I’m not going to disappoint them.


Mike’s Thoughts

There is much to do when taking on such a venture, and sometimes the little things that seem so simple can draw the most time. I jumped in head first without knowing what to expect and finding these things out as I went. Likely not the most strategic way to do things, but it definitely makes for an adventure.

Now that I am getting ready for round two, I am somewhat more prepared. The biggest recommendation I can provide is when possible, provide yourself with enough time. This makes sure that it turns out the way you want it to, and it helps to spread out the stress so you don’t feel so overwhelmed trying to multi-task to get it all done…it also prevents important things to be missed such a phone call.

Do you research and determine what it is you really want to do, and can afford to do and give yourself time lines. It’s like mapping out a trip, if you don’t work through the details, you can find yourself horribly off course.

Budget your money. If you’re promoting yourself whether traditionally published or self-published (I was just as shocked discovering that many traditionally published authors have to do a lot of the field work themselves.) Promotions can cost significant amount of change. Sometimes, myself included, I think I have more money than I do, and find myself squeezing pennies looking for dollars (yeah I know it doesn’t work – because I have tried it many times.) If you are going to spend money just make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

Good Luck. Until next time,



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