Behind the Dust Cover – The Making of APOK – Touring USA

APOK author touring USA

Date: 2018 October 22


Only nine days left before the first APOK Derailed draw for the KINDLE reader and the third $50 CAD prize. Double check the CONTEST rules and ensure you have a ballot for both.

Eight chapters remaining to complete revision #26. Once completed APOK Derailed will be sent to it’s final editor!

APOK will be touring the USA of this weekend, traveling with and sponsoring a team involved in the Super32 Wrestling tournament…Find and grab a picture of the author and post it for an additional 10 ballots in either draw. Destination, Greensboro, North Carolina.



Behind the Dust Cover – The Making of APOK – Touring USA

Limited time, few resources and sights on making a splash south of the border, I had to make this count! Contacting an old friend, I was able to redirect hotel costs into other expenditures. Implementing my seasoned approach, I secured a small book tour spanning three cities in three days, Houston, Austin and Dallas. A few clicks later, I had my return flight bought and paid for.

Make a splash. Make a splash. Hmmm. Knowing the importance of this trip, I had to capitalize on every moment and get people talking. An idea popped into my head, Free Giveaways? How many cereal boxes or beer cases have I bought for some special surprise? Contacting my merchandiser, I ordered custom stainless steel bookmarks and a number of traditional APOK t-shirts. Without delay, the day was here, it was time to go international.

Landing in Longhorn country in the middle of July, I began broadcasting my arrival handing out business cards while being a tourist and maintained my exercise regiment at Barton Creek Resort. I satisfied my hunger and took in the sights at a restaurant overlooking Lake Travis. Behind the scenes, I scored insight and pictures with Texas Roller Derby, and the Austin Police Department. And finally, I underwent physical testing in the state of the art facilities at the University of Texas while absorbing energy at DKR Memorial Stadium. Like a child hopped up on sugar, I wanted to see it all, but it was time to get to work.

Houston, we have take off! Arriving early in Space City, I met with the bookstore manager and made sure everything was a go. He showed me around and suggested that I visit a local shooting range with the time I had to spare. Taking his advice, and being a cop from Canada, I never shot a fully automatic weapon because up there, they’re illegal. Despite the space-aged looking hardware on the wall, my attention was drawn to a vintage Thompson submachine gun (Tommy Gun). I had heard tales that it was difficult to stay on target with automatic weapons, so I was going to put it to the test. Pressing the trigger I felt the gun pulse into my shoulder and move upwards. Re-adjusting, I tried it again. And again. And again. No matter what I did, or how hard I held on, the gun would rise. I thought the only benefit for such a feature would be as suppressive fire. Running out of time, money and ammunition, I decided to make my way back.

Returning to the store, I noticed that a couple of the books had already sold without my presence. Feeling pretty good, I got into the mode. Introducing myself to everyone entering the front doors, I supplied them with a business card and invited them to explore APOK. One by one the books sold and before the end of the night, APOK was no longer in-stock. Thanking the manager and leaving the location, I was on top of the world. Until this night, I was concerned if APOK would sell in this foreign land. Stopping at a gas station before driving to the next city, I saw a beautiful little sports car at the pumps. Complimenting the man filling up the car, he responded, “Do you want to sit in it?” Not passing up the chance, I jumped in. He offered, “Do you have a camera so I can take your picture?” Sitting in his import I smiled as the flash went off, “Welcome to America!”


Mike’s Thoughts

I was extremely fortunate to have had this opportunity. I can’t thank each and every enough who made that experience a delight to want to do it again.

Take advantage of every opportunity.

Maintain a good attitude and push your limits, and you’ll discover you’re capable of so much more.

I had the opportunity to hear a fantastic Wrestling Coach Gene Mills speak this weekend…he said, “Don’t be afraid to FAIL. Because what is F.A.I.L. but the -First-Attempt-In-Learning-.” Only through learning are you able to succeed.

Until next time have a great week,



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