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Enjoying the Pacific Ocean along the coast of Lima, Peru.

Date: 2018 November 5


Exciting things happening here in the APOK workshop. Revision #26 was recently completed and sent to the Publisher for the final round of editing! Almost there. Almost there.

I would like to congratulate Melanie K for winning the APOK Derailed Kindle contest, and Tima AMAD for winning the APOK cash contest.  Don’t forget to get you name entered into the next draw….SUBSCRIBE – LIKE – and – SHARE.

The APOK the novel -Facebook page has over 650 LIKES, over double what was there only 3 months ago. Thank you for your support and patience. Let’s see if we can make it in the thousands!!!

This past weekend, a near sub-zero photo shoot secured some priceless memories and great pictures. Get ready for them. Hopefully they will excite you as much as they excited me having the pictures taken.

The newest video out of the JSPW Animation Studio will be released within the next week. Stay tuned.


Till next time, have a great week,




Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Attracting new eyes to read APOK took a village approach. The book tour was having success, and I wanted to capitalize on the growing fan base and reach an even larger audience. Paying for advertising was expensive; not only did I not have the money, I found it difficult to determine value. I ran a couple of ADs but again, there was nothing indicating if it had worked or not. With few copper coins left in the bank I had to be smart to maximize the little I had. I had to ask tough questions, “If I spend X amount for an Ad will it secure me enough sales to justify the cost?” At this time, it was a no.

While “Word of Mouth” sales were being successful, I was of the belief that I couldn’t rely on it to bring me to the next level. I have seen many a friend’s referral result in the sharing of the novel rather than the sale of another copy. How was I going to do this?

In the midst of all the craziness, one of my fans spoke with a person in their fitness class who was involved in print media. APOK was brought up and they planted the seed. It must have been one of Jack’s famous seeds, because shortly after I was contacted by a local paper requesting an interview. A large cup of coffee and solid conversation later, APOK received a full page spread.

More supporters rallied together attracting radio interviews and print media. Participating in a local motivational group meeting I was fortunate to have met several persons who wanted to help. Within a very short period of time, APOK was on daytime television twice. Since that time I have been involved in a numerous media related conversations.


Mike’s Thoughts

As mentioned before, it takes a village to raise a book…make sure you know who is in your village.

Know your work. Work on developing the best most impressive short synopsis to describe your work. You have only seconds before someone turns away disinterested.

Get involved in your community. Take the time to give to something other than yourself and see what happens. Stay positive and you’ll be amazed how you feel and what happens in your life.


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