BTDC – Derailed – Revisions

Date: 2018 November 19

APOK News:

Although on paper it may not appear to be a busy week, there has been a lot of behind the scenes stuff happening.

APOK the novel on FACEBOOK reaches and surpasses 700 LIKEs. Celebrating the milestone additional draw entries were provided and won. A very special “Thank You” to all those who took part, and to all those who have been following APOK as we travel this leg of the journey. I can’t thank you enough, and I can’t wait to reward you with a top quality product that will excite you as you flip pages.

We are nearing the completion of November, signifying a month closer to release and also another month’s prizes to hand out. Remember to stay tuned to FB for BONUS BALLOT Time, securing additional chances to win either the $50.00 CAD or the KINDLE. If you haven’t already done so, make sure you SUBSCRIBE to the website to enter your name into both draws (full contest rules on the website).

The APOK workshop has released 3 new ads that are burning up the fiberoptic cables. There will be more to come.

With Christmas just over a month away, I have working with a supplier designing swag for you APOK fans. Interested?? I will post some images once we get them, and let you know how you can get your hands on it.

Until next time, have a great week,



BTDC – DERAILED – Revisions

Many say writing is a labor of love. When you consider edits and revisions as part of the process, it couldn’t be any more true. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing, and I do find a twisted satisfaction in revisions, but I would be lying if I said it didn’t come with a degree of difficulty. Only because I love what I do, can I do what I do. Confused? Good, so am I.

To be a writer I have learned to appreciate the entire process, not solely a completed product. A completed product is only the beginning; it is followed by a long, windy road called editing that can be a cruel and unforgiving journey filled with multiple pitfalls. Often right when I think I have everything figured out and the finish line is within reach, I will discover a new perspective or idea dragging me back through the jungle to find another way.

With my first book, despite revising (reading and editing) several times, once I started working with an editor, I was forced to re-write the entire book cover to cover. Did it hurt? Absolutely, my ego, my brain and body took a good beating. It was painstakingly hard to allow someone to red ink every sentence, and accept their criticism without taking it personal. Through that process I witnessed serious growth in both my story and myself. I developed a renewed confidence that I was going to make it.

My experience with my second book has been similar. Without the story re-write, I have spent the last two year revising and editing APOK Derailed (currently #26 revisions) with the intention to bring you the absolute best. Included in those two years have been 4 separate edits (independent reviews by professionals)who have red inked my work.  The result, which you will soon see, required me to touch nearly every sentence at least once.

I have come to the conclusion that revisions aren’t designed to feel good for the author; it’s work. Nothing in life worth attaining should be easy. The good feeling is achieved after all the work is done. Demand perfection only then can greatness be achieved. It is through that pain where we develop a greater version of ourselves.

The timeless saying no pain no gain can be applied to almost everything in life. In case you’re wondering, no I’m not a sadice, I’ve just drawn many parallels to many examples. Child birth is likely the most significant that everyone has been exposed to. Ask any mother who has given birth, natural or not, it’s not pleasant during the moment, however the pain is somehow insignificant once the mother holds their child in their arms. So too is the birth of a novel.


Mike’s Thoughts

Half the battle is finding out what you love to do.

After that, strive to be the very best that YOU can be.

When you enjoy the process, the pain of developing is less significant and the results will come, just have patience.


Take care,


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