Controversies, Conspiracies and Consequences #1

December Is Here….Already?

Date: 2018 December 3


Welcome to December 2018 APOK fans! If you’re like me, I’m sure you’ve already given your head a slight shake and asked, where did the year go? As quickly as the question is posed the answer follows closely behind filled with a myriad of things that occupied the eighty six thousand four hundred seconds a day for the past three hundred and thirty days. So many seconds, yet they pass by so quickly.

As I ponder the past, I will bring you some of the APOK present;

  • APOK Derailed edits continue on schedule and are sharpening the story to give you a ride that will make the wait worth every second!
  • Meeting with the APOK Derailed editor involved reviewing changes and the direction. (Pretty excited to be nearing the end.)
  • APOK contests have been drawn for November.
  • APOK Cash contest – Congratulations to Mark Pritchard.
  • APOK Derailed KINDLE contest – Congratulations to Linda Dunbar
  • Clothing and other items are nearing completion of the new designs. For a peak at the latest, see the APOK the Novel FACEBOOK page for details. Share your comments and help style APOK.

In addition, I’m commencing a closer look to the creation of APOK with a multi-piece focusing on “Controversies, Conspiracies and Consequences.” Hope you enjoy the new segments.


Till next time,




Controversies, Conspiracies and Consequences

The foundation of APOK is built on the premises of Controversies, Conspiracies and Consequences. As a police officer having investigated many such situations, I find this a endless well of possibilities. My goal as an author is to deliver a story unlike any others that draw on these topics and my experiences to produce a well thought out, realistic and fun adventure. These stories dare to stretch the readers’ pre-existing ideals to contemplate others that are brought out.

APOK’s opening scenes reveal a police officer who is convicted of murder and serving a life sentence. Having been a police officer for 19 complete years, I can attest that this a situation that threatens police every day. Any traffic stop, or call for service could be deadly. There have been too many incidents to list that strengthen this belief.

The monotony of the endless calls for service threatens officer with another danger, complacency. Attending call after call without incident, successfully defusing situations, naturally permits police officers to relax. When this occurs danger tends to rear its ugly head without recognition. The clues that could have prevented a situation can be missed.

There are many prejudices police officers face. There is certainly a divide between those who support police and those who don’t. I understand that people’s perception of an incident can be markedly different that those of the officer at the time. Education is important, however given how our legal system works, outside of the investigative units, the public is left in the dark for what seems like an eternity until it’s heard in court, and by that time, based on rumours and gossip many officers have been convicted publicly before the trial even begins.

Hollywood has done a better job demonstrating the complexities of Policing however until you are in that situation you will never know how you will react or not react. Even as an officer, I would like to think I would react a certain way, but in truth every situation is different and I couldn’t say for certain how I would respond.

These are the realities of the job. Like anyone in society I expect and demand that Police be held accountable for their actions as I do for the citizens that are served.

Other than military, how many other jobs expect it’s employees to make sound decisions within split seconds that will endure days, weeks, months and years worth of public scrutiny?

The next time you see something in the news ask yourself this question, do I have all the facts or has someone within the news shown me what they perceived based on their prejudices…


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