Date: 2018 December 31

APOK News:

As the calendar sets to start a new, and a New Year lies before us, I wanted to take this time to thank all those who have been following, and wish everyone a Happy New Year. I hope that you’re ready to take on the following days, weeks, months and year. Although we cannot predict the future, we do have the ability to shape it; make a decision and take regular action towards it.

2019 marks several milestones for me. It’s been 8 years since I first made the decision to start writing, and 6 years since APOK became available world-wide. Now there is only 6 months remaining until the sequel APOK Derailed is released, slated for June 2019. As we near the release date I have several things planned that I hope will excite you for the coming adventure.

I’ve been asked by many fans about the APOK Derailed process, “How many times are you going to re-read it?” My answer, as many as it takes until I am completely satisfied that the story is as perfect as can be. I want each reader that opens up a copy to appreciate the detail by being swept away into another world.

Revision #27 came to a close yesterday.

Revision #28 is underway to polish the product once again before being sent to a final editor for the last review.

APOK Contests will be drawing names very shortly. Make sure you get your name in for the December draws.

“Keep reaching for the stars, you’re closer than you think.”

All the best,





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