Date: 2019 January 6

APOK News:

We are already 6 days into 2019, now there is less than 6 months until APOK Derailed is available.

2019 – I hope everyone is enjoying their year, so far. I have been working on making it an exciting one. In my calendar this is the year of the APOK. There is so much that is going to happen…book release…book tour…and final stop, New York Times best selling list. I’ve just finished revision #28 and despite having written it and read it so many times, it still packs a punch. I can’t wait to get this to anyone who wants a thrilling ride.

But, before that can happen, APOK Derailed is destined to go back to the publisher for another editor to review it. This is the last one.

In other news I would like to congratulate the latest winners of the APOK contests:

  • Janette McIntosh – winner of the APOK Derailed – Kindle
  • Louise Sweet McKee – winner of the APOK – cash

Burning the candle at another end, I have been working with long standing APOK Contributor – SCREENMACHINE PROMOTIONS in designing and producing APOK support gear. An order has just been placed for T-shirts, Sweaters (both zip and pullover styles), and Bookmarks. Prices and styles will be made available soon. If you believe in me, and the APOK series, and want to support the journey, please send me a message either through the website or social media and we can talk about the color, shirt style and design you want.

Thanks again,




Goal setting can be a tricky situation. I recall as child, I had many aspirations some of which included; astronaut, baseball player, and actor. Often I was met with persons of a realistic view point, explaining why the odds of me achieving such and such were against me. Eventually their words were realized.

As I grew older, during the tougher years, I too focused on ‘realistic’ goals; money to buy food, pay for rent, and support a family. As these struggles were met and won, I evolved as a person and maintained attainable desires. Keeping that mindset, I was rarely disappointed.

Despite having written many long legal documents, when the impulse of writing my story overcame my inhibitions, I continually questioned myself. I kept my goal simple, to finish. Feeling embarrassed of dreaming big, I refused to tell anyone, and enjoyed the process. I didn’t hear negative comments nor was I reminded of what I was or wasn’t doing. Within the year, with the help of unfortunate (fortunate) events, I completed the first draft of the yet to be named book. Encouraged by a few, I began sharing this rough copy with several others. I was enticed to dream bigger.

Learning the process and striving to do my best, I did things I never imagined and became comfortable not being in my comfort zone. I stretched and expanded who I was, as a person and a writer.

Now, with my second novel, there have been no negative comments. Instead I have received much support and have been asked multiple times about the sequel’s progress. This seemed to enhance my self-doubt; I didn’t want to disappoint those who believed in me. At times it was difficult, and I often questioned my ability to produce another novel of the same caliber. I hit writer’s block, after writer’s block, sometimes only producing a sentence a day. Frustrated with the lack of progress, and time spent, I somehow learned to accept where I was, and believed that I could do it. Despite the plentiful tough days, I stayed the course and after two and half years I completed the first draft.

Three years of editing and revising has resulted in 28 revisions. With each reading I grow more positive that APOK fans will be delighted.

Much like Christopher Columbus sailing the sea in 1492, I too have been navigating with an idea for 8 years, not completely understanding the route or the destination. Will I reach my goals? Who’s to know? One thing is for sure, I’m going to have a great time going for it.

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