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Date: 2019 January 15


Well here we are already in the third week of the year. Time the elusive Robin Hood, stealing from one to give to another. There is a lot coming together. Within 6 months APOK Derailed will be available…in saying that I have just finished Revision #29 and sent it to the Publisher to be put before the last editor. If all goes according to plan, APOK Derailed will be ready for distribution within the month (don’t get too excited yet…even if we are successful to do so, it won’t be out till June…still many other aspects to consider).

In saying that, I really do need your help…what back of the book version excites you the most? (see below for both available versions) Or do you think that there needs to be merging of the two…or maybe even a complete re-write? The more you say whether good or bad, helps.

Thanks again,



APOK Derailed – SYNOPSIS #1

Drowning in pain and suffering, Colonel Miguel Mejia aka APOK scratched and clawed through the underworld to bring the Sons of Liberty to justice. After a near death explosion, he finds himself beaten, bloodied and broken, completely immobile, traction-ed in a hospital bed, and forced to choose between watching those closest to him being tortured to death, or join the very organization he sought to destroy. Drawing Miguel deeper into their web, the stage is set, all he has to do is murder the leader of the world. If he succeeds, he dies a failure, if he fails, he lives long enough to know he failed those closest to him; if he escapes, can he survive long enough to expose the truth?

APOK Derailed – SYNOPSIS #2

Drowning in pain, Colonel Miguel Mejia—aka APOK—languishes in a hospital bed at a top-secret military facility. He had successfully brought to justice members of the Sons of Liberty, a rebel organization fighting against the newly installed world government. His recovery, however, proceeds far too quickly, and he soon realizes that he is being used as a test case for a radical new therapy. When he discovers that his hospital is not what it seems, his captors give him a choice: complete his training and kill the leader of the world, or watch his family and friends die.

Meanwhile, the election of a new world leader plunges society into chaos, with heavily armed groups jockeying for position. As APOK’s strength returns, he realizes just how crucial his roll will be in establishing peace.

APOK Derailed is the second in Walton’s trilogy of epic thrillers. Spanning the globe, it leaps from one heart-stopping scene to another, painting a vivid picture of the world of tomorrow.

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