Date: 2018 January 28


Welcome to the end of January APOK fans. With only 5 months left before APOK Derailed is released there has been some exciting things coming together this month.

I wanted to thank all who took the time to respond indicating which “back of the book” synopsis they liked better. Amazingly enough it was a draw. I had just as many who liked both versions with solid reasons behind both. As a result I will be re-releasing a new one that merges both ideas together. As a formal thank you, I will submitting 20 additional ballots into the draws under all of your names for the APOK contests. Good luck, the draws are coming up in three days.


In other APOK news:  

– Began talks with an experienced Audiobook person who may take on the narration of APOK. More talks to be had before I can say with certainty, but it looks promising so far.

– Began talks with a promoter to set up the APOK Derailed book launch party. Some interesting ideas…

– Want to help APOK reach the New York Times best seller list? Spread the word with APOK support gear and help build the excitement. The proceeds will help pay for the extensive APOK tour and the APOK Derailed book launch party.

– APOK has been re-revised to match the style of APOK Derailed. It will be re-released with a new cover shortly.

– APOK Derailed – is still undergoing it’s process of being formatted into a book. I should be receiving the final version soon with the last editor’s comments.

– **ATTENTION charity or sporting groups** I am currently in talks with an organization with a FUNDRAISING opportunity that would increase APOK readers at the same time generate a significant return for the cause. If you have FUNDRAISING concerns and need something outside the norm, contact me. I may have something that would work for you.



Who doesn’t have a goal? Whether it’s simply making it through the day, or playing in the Olympics, everyone has something they are striving to accomplish. Some unlike others require an insane commitment with little chance of success. So how do you commit to something without the guarantee of success? The answer to that question is not an easy one, but I can tell you how I make it through the day.

Personally, I have established goals and have spent crazy amount of time working towards it. Reaching the New York Times best seller list is the mark. As a self-published author of a fiction novel having only sold a maximum 2000 copies of my first novel, this is very large goal.  Will I attain my sought after desire?  In lies fear.

The fear of failure. The fear of dedicating hours, days, months and years to a cause only to see it pass me by. The fear of ridicule or unfavorable reviews. What is fear but a natural response designed to keep me alive, or safe? But how do I reach a goal without feeling fear?

In my experience, I can’t. In all of the books I’ve read, and the lectures I’ve heard, this is very much not possible. I have found that although fear wants to prevent me from pain, it is also a strong stimulant. Take a moment and face fear and feel what you’re body does. Your heart rate increases, your palms sweat and everything feels more alive.

The more I prepare for the fear, the more I can function when the fear sets in rather than freeze and do nothing. I am continually working on my confidence with tasks, and using the little accomplishments or victories in building myself up to reach my goals. With each success, I realize that I can attain whatever I set out to do.

Do I still feel fear? Absolutely. Does fear prevent me from doing what needs to be done? Sometimes, however I work on that constantly. There are times I have thought of all kinds of reasons why not to continue on this quest, but I clear the cobwebs filling my mind and realign myself on what I need to do and where I need to be.

Regardless if I reach my goal, I must be able to live with myself knowing what I did with my time and where I am. If for whatever reason I didn’t do what needed to be done, slept in, worked late or took time away for something, I must be content with my decision, and if not content, only I have control to correct that the following day.

Much like writing a book…it begins with one word, one sentence, one paragraph, one page until you reach the end. It all starts with one. Keep building it will all come together.


Till next time,



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