Date: 2019 February 4


Congrats to our latest APOK contest winners. Both won with Bonus Ballot Entries.

Lanny FITCHETT walks away with the APOK Derailed KINDLE

Darryl CULLEY pads his pocket with the APOK CASH.

APOK gear is quickly going out the door, but to reward those supporting and spreading the word, anyone buying the gear will receive Bonus Ballot entries. For every dollar spent receive an additional Ballot.

Zip Up sweaters……………….. $40

Pullover sweaters…………….. $35

Long sleeve Ts………………….. $25

Short sleeve Ts…………………. $15

Key chain / dogtag……………… $5

Want to earn even more Ballots…not a problem…share a link with me of a review you posted on any of the book sites out there (Goodreads, Google, Chapters, Indigo, Barnes and Noble) and earn an additional ballots. One review per person equals 50 additional ballots.

Matching the format with both novels takes a lot longer than one would expect. It’s the attention to detail where the love shines. Working through APOK has been fun. I hadn’t had an opportunity to read the first novel since it was released in 2013, and now to see how tightly the novels fit together, I’m pretty pumped.

I expect APOK Derailed will be sent back soon. With that process, I will flying out to British Columbia to meet with the awesome team working out all the details. We will complete some finishing touches before it goes out the door. Look out British Columbia!!!


Lucky Stars

As I approach the end of the publishing journey with APOK Derailed, I look back over six years and thank my lucky stars that I didn’t give up. In fact, just say that out loud and really think about it. Six years! Six years! That’s roughly two thousand one hundred and ninety days, or fifty two thousand five hundred and sixty hours, or three million one hundred and fifty thousand minutes. Although those are big numbers I can’t even count how many times I’ve considered quitting.

At any time during that period, I could have listened to the voices in my head saying, “You know what forget it.” Or, “No one is paying you to do this, why even bother?” Or, “There are no guarantees that anyone will even like it. Why waste all that time?” Or hundreds of other comments. Even within the last month despite being this close to finishing I’ve been nagged by the devil on my shoulder and likely will continued to be haunted by his voice.

Thankfully I have you, the APOK supporter who has stood beside me since the first book hit shelves and entered hands across the globe. I am grateful for your kind words, reviews and encouragement. You have given me much needed strength to forge on. This is a journey for the most part is spent in solitude and unlike an image or sound, that can be appreciated in mere seconds, a novel is something that needs to be digested and appreciated over time. It’s truly a labor of love, both as the reader and the writer.

My goal other than enjoying the process and very much like you discovering what is lurking around the next corner is, regardless of the obstacles; I want to reward anyone who took or takes a chance on me. I want all those who believe in me to be honored to have a copy and thrilled to allow their imagination to slip away as it travels through the array of adventures behind the next page.

Thanks again! Till next time,



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