Date: 2018 February 18

APOK News:

Spoke to someone this week about getting APOK some serious exposure. Fingers crossed…if this works out there will be millions of eyes seeing APOK very soon.

APOK Derailed – Revision #30 is well underway…10 chapters in and going strong… only 4.5 months left now…once complete it will be sent to the publisher.

APOK – Re-revision #3 is closing in on the end…once completed it will be sent to the publisher too. This version’s format will match APOK Derailed’s as well it will host testimonials and will mention the award it won….featuring new colors and likely a new cover.


APOK gear:

Thanks for everyone who bought some APOK gear from me…and Thank you to everyone who contacted me asking about APOK swag. I apologize that I didn’t provide enough information. All APOK gear is available currently through me – If you want something send me a message. The prices referred to in last week’s NEWS are strictly the purchase of the clothing. Shipping and handling are exactly what Canada Post charges…unfortunately I have no say in the matter.

See the image above for an image relating to the descriptions below;

Sweaters have a small APOK on the front and DERAILED with .OK. logo across the back

Ts have a small APOK Derailed on the front left chest…and .OK. logo on sleeve

Keychain has APOK Derailed on one side and the .OK. logo on the reverse.



We stand as civilian members who have been entrusted with the safety and security of society. I find this a very noble and worthy cause. Despite my personal beliefs, the profession has been increasingly under attack. Depending where you sit in society we are considered many different things.

As a police officer doing what’s right, I live outside of the law and as a result have fielded a fair bit of resentment. Many of my daily actions contravene the very laws I uphold. I respond to emergencies and speed to get there. I use telephones or radios while driving. I seize a license of a suspended person (theft), I arrest a drug dealer and take their money and drugs away (robbery), I execute a search warrant (b&e), and the list goes on. Legally justified are the words that protect me from criminal or civil prosecution, however it doesn’t protect against personal or professional attacks by individuals or organizations that advocate hatred.

Early in my career I learned the pitfalls of being a cop in social situations. Immediately upon admitting that I was cop, I was open for criticism and comment. Many looked and acted differently. I was inundated with anecdotes of encounters with police and heard all the negatives. I have been lectured on what we should be doing, and others wouldn’t even speak to me. In a worse case, I was physically surrounded by a group wanting to beat me up.

As I began investigating greater criminality, I discovered that my personal life was in danger. Gaining knowledge of my home address, criminals threatened me and my family members and watched my house seeing my comings and goings. Responding to this level of danger, I felt it necessary to have my gun on me at all times. Whether it was cutting the grass or riding my bicycle, I knew if the unthinkable happened, if I was lucky, I would have a split second to save my life and those close to me.

Within certain circles, I learned that I was not well liked. People felt that I was exposing my family to danger and they felt that I should step back. Perhaps it’s the way I am made, I couldn’t fathom this line of thinking. If the Police give in when the going gets tough, who would stand up against the bad guys hurting people? What would stop the bad guys? How could I look myself in the mirror knowing that I was too weak to do what I am supposed to do?

President Kennedy once quoted, Edmund Burke saying, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” While we live in a risk adverse society, the facts of the job will never change; Police are expected and intended to make a stand; if that means the ultimate sacrifice those remaining must remember that this decision was done voluntarily and strive to not let their life be in vain. While I am not eager to die, this is a simple fact of the job. Taking the job as a Police Officer one automatically agrees to give up nights, weekends, holidays and possibly their life in serving society.

**My novels focuses on these themes, permitting everyone the opportunity to see life on the side….LIVING OUTSIDE THE LAW**


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      Thank you very much. I can’t wait to get it out. Soon, very soon! Have a great weekend!

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