APOK Derailed Proposed Cover

Date: 2019 March 3


As we narrow in on the end there will be a lot happening that you won’t notice until you have a copy in your hands…just know that these final stages will be done with the utmost care to make sure you have something to treasure.

APOK Derailed’s 30th revision has been sent to the publisher for publication. It’s finally ready. The new cover has been designed and it turned out awesome. Thanks to Geoff from Friesenpress who put it together, and everyone who voted on which one to go with. I know once you read the book you’ll understand the reference and you’ll be happy that you picked it. Besides that I just finished with the other additions to the novel, including a “In Memory Of / Dedication to”, “Acknowledgements”, “About the Book” and “About the Author” sections. The next time I see the novel it will be laid out in the book format for me to approve.

APOK – the original – is in it’s 3rd re-revision. There have been a couple of additions to this one as well. There will a couple of reviews, mention of the award it won, and a slightly different format to match up with APOK Derailed.

The Contests have been drawn putting us even closer to the release. Congrats to Karen Brunet for winning the APOK Derailed KINDLE. I am still waiting for the second person to respond to their email. Hopefully they will or I will have to go back to the box for another name.


Here is a sneak peek at the, “About the Book”:

Global political conspiracies were a myth, until Colonel Miguel Mejia – aka APOK – discovered an organization named the Sons of Liberty. Tracking down its members, his investigation started succeeding until an explosion left him beaten, bloodied and broken. Drowning in pain, strung up in a hospital bed at a top secret military facility he volunteers for a radical new therapy.

Forcing himself to recover, he struggles through the pain. The Colonel grows frustrated watching highlights of the election of a new world leader plunging society into chaos, with heavily armed groups jockeying for position. As APOK’s strength returns, he realizes his hospital is not what it seems, his captors give him a choice: complete his training and kill the leader of the world, or watch his family and friends die.

Should Miguel succeed, he dies a failure; if he fails, he lives long enough to know he failed those closest to him; if he escapes, can he survive long enough to expose the truth?

APOK Derailed is the second in Walton’s trilogy of epic thrillers. Spanning the globe, it leaps from one heart-stopping scene to another, painting a vivid picture of the world of tomorrow.


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