Which Eye do you like Best?

Date: 2019 March 19

APOK News:

I apologize. I’ve been somewhat distracted and busy lately….

Is it really going to happen??? The first novel “APOK” is being reviewed by a Production Company’s screen writers to see if they will take it on…



APOK re-revised version sent back to Publisher. The re-release of this one will be occurring within the next couple of months with a new cover too.


APOK Derailed – Received final editor’s revisions. We are almost there. Very minor changes recommended…working through those now and will have a working copy for the publisher and I to tweak before release.


Received two new APOK Derailed cover mock ups…which one do you prefer???


Want to see the APOK series succeed? I could definitely use your help…please share your experience…write a review…start spreading the word and watch APOK take the world by storm.


Till Next Time,


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