COP TALK #3 – Corruption Frustration

Moving Down the Tracks

Date: 2019 March 26

APOK News:

APOK Derailed is coming out soon…only 3 more months now.

Received word from the Production Company that they will be in contact this week about the prospect of taking on APOK…apparently there is a lot of work to be done behind the scenes before a decision can be made. I will let you know.

We are nearing the end of another month…which means more draws for the APOK related contests. Be sure to sign up to the WWW.MICHAELWALTON.CA website and read the instructions to enter your name in the draw to win a KINDLE eReader, or a Cash.

COP TALK continues with another segment on Corruption Frustration. I chose this topic as this has strong ties to the APOK series in both creation, and motivation.


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COP TALK #3 – Corruption Frustration

Instant replay has certainly leveled the playing field and made sport much more equal. No longer can favoritism, racism or any other motivating factor rule a game. There is only one right. I believe everyone who enjoys sports is appreciative that the rules are being applied objectively. Unfortunately law enforcement doesn’t share that same benchmark.

As sport becomes more transparent, the rules governing society have become gray, so much so that it is near undetectable what is right or wrong. The system is corrupted from the inside out. The legal system has become a multi-million / billion industry, where people get paid to keep it this way, with no desire to change it anytime soon.

No this is not a conspiracy theory, and in the following weeks I will explore different topics providing documented evidence to prove it.

For now I will leave you with these pieces of information…

  • According to THE CBA (Canadian Bar Association), the number of practicing lawyers is growing faster than the country’s general population.
  • North America courts are an adversarial system, meaning Police vs. Suspects
    • this creates a competition, not a truth finding objective
    • as many things in our society are based on wins and losses, a suspect seeking a lawyer wanting to get off their charges will chose a winning lawyer over a truth seeking lawyer
      • a lawyer seeking clients will take on what they can to pay the bills leaving them susceptible to corruption of their morals
      • Creating a system / society dictated by criminals and not by law
  • Lawyer client privilege where anything relating to a client is off bounds by Police
    • If a client admitted that they did the crime, the lawyer can still represent them as if they were innocent
  • In Canada legal aid provides tax money to lawyers to represent low income clients
  • Most persons who earn illegal money don’t claim that income
    • their declared income is much lower, likely qualifying them for legal aid
    • CAPONE had a very low declared income
  • In Canada, a suspect like Al CAPONE having a significant amount of undeclared income and assets seized by the police can apply to the court to use that money or assets to pay for their legal fees
    • a criminal having made millions committing crimes can afford a very good lawyer
  • All trials are heard in court before a Judge and sometimes a jury
  • In Canada Judges are appointed by elected officials (Provincial or Federal)
  • In order to be a Judge you must be a lawyer
  • Historically the majority of politicians were lawyers
  • Depending what survey your read, Politicians rank as the least trusted profession
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