Guerilla Warfare

Date: 2019 April 14

APOK News:

We are another week closer to the release. I just spoke with the publisher’s cover designer and we are working on building something special for the re-release of APOK and the release of APOK Derailed. While the publisher is busy plotting APOK Derailed in the book format, it has opened up some time for me to start writing APOK III. Chapter one is progressing well, I wonder how long this will take? I believe this will be the last in the series (for the time being), allowing me to explore other writing opportunities.


I’ve spoken with the Film Producer this week and they still have APOK in the cue to be looked at. They have a lot on the go, so currently no news is good news.


In related entertainment news;

Are you looking for adventure? Have you ever acted, or considered acting? APOK is currently looking for a special someone who will be the voice for the audiobook(s). If you, or someone you know is interested please message me for an audition.


I have been working on getting together a special pre-order package for all those interested. Prices / Amounts details should be available within the next month. Currently, I have begun taking down names of anyone who wants one. If you want your name on the list, please shoot me a message and I’ll put you down on the pre-order list. Just make sure you advise which one you want. When I finally get an answer on price I will update everyone …

APOK eBooks – released online when available only (no preorders)

APOK – re-released – soft cover

APOK Derailed – hard cover

APOK Derailed – soft cover


Talk soon,


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