Moving Day?


Rope For Hope – Toronto

Date: 2019 April 29

APOK News:

Welcome to another edition, and another week closer to release. I find this part, very much like moving from one house to another. We all accept that big things take up time. We know that they are big and difficult to move fast while trying to squeeze it through a door without damaging anything, or manoeuvring a staircase, or around a corner… yet after all the big things are done…you’re left with all of the little things.

For whatever reason finishing the job and taking care of all the leftovers start to add up and voila you have yourself another load… Writing and editing, there’s no doubt about it, they are BIG jobs… yet formatting seems simple and straight forward, however it’s can be a beast. Simply indenting every paragraph a certain way quickly adds up, and if you happen to slip up and forget something you’re setting up your readers to be taking a ride they didn’t want to take. I had completely forgotten how involved formatting can be. Being this close to the end, I just to have remind myself that I’m almost there and I can only get there one step at a time.

Anyways enough about that and more about the APOK News;

Auditions to be the voice for the audiobook of APOK have begun. Anyone interested you have until the end of May 2019 to get your audition in. I am very excited about offering this opportunity… and equally excited to find that diamond in the rough.

APOK re-release version has been completely formatted and sent back to the publisher for completion. I look forward to finishing this version and getting it out there… especially knowing the sequel coming out shortly after with a matching format.

APOK Derailed is still being plotted and I expect to be receiving it shortly. Once I have it I will go through it nice and slow making sure it’s perfect. I want anyone who buys it to know and feel that they have just received a piece of gold.

The end of April is one day away… which means we are giving away the 2nd last KINDLE. Make sure you have your name in for the draws… if you haven’t won anything there is still hope. Attend APOK events and win SWAG… be sure to follow along on FACEBOOK… I’ll be announcing events where you can show your support and win prizes.

Till next week,






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