APOK – Anxious

APOK new cover

Date: 2019 May 13


A week ago I announced the date of the book launch, this week I come before you, head down and humbled asking for your patience just a little while longer. It appears APOK Derailed is being pushed back slightly, but don’t worry it’s still coming out this year (2019). I promise. There were some things I didn’t take into account and rather than have a book launch with no books my only alternative was to change the date… in short, I apologize.


Now for the good news, I just finished going through APOK tweaking the formatting for the re-release. As you can seek the new cover is changed slightly to match APOK Derailed in color and format. I have APOK Derailed back from the Publisher in book format too and I’m going through it to make sure both books follow the same line spacing and indenting formats, while cleaning up any straggling imperfections. **If you happen to have a copy of APOK, you may want to hang on to it. Once the re-release occurs you won’t be able to get a copy of the original.**


This is truly an exciting time (hence my zest to start planning the book launch). Which makes this part so very difficult. I know this part is just as important as the other parts, but it seems to draw the most energy. Maybe it’s because of all the work bottling up the excitement and staying focused on the task at hand can be a struggle. I realize, if I don’t it, it won’t get done, so back to the computer I go.


Anyone who really knows me has a hard time believing that I can spend the amount of hours in front of a computer working the way I do. I’m not going to lie, keeping myself busy while focused can be a task in itself. My trade APOK Derailed secret to maintaining my ADHD butt in place to finish the task, is tons of gum, blueberries and chocolate chips.  I do recall my first go around with APOK my vices included, Pepsi, M&Ms, sunflower seeds and Fun Dip… I’m sure the four food groups are in there somewhere.


In keeping with my word, I remember making mention that if I didn’t hit my mark for releasing the novel by June that I would be handing out more prizes… in saying that make sure your name in for the draws, you could be walking away with a $168.00 Kindle or $50.00 in Canadian cash, much like our latest winners, David AVILA and Kevin SHELP, congrats once again guys. Thanks for your support and good luck to everyone in the next draws.

Have a great week,



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