Date: 2019 May 20


TIME. SomeTIMES you’re in the right place at the right TIME, and much like this picture, it depends what side you’re on. On one side you right on TIME. On the other you’re an hour late, or early depending which way you’re going.

Back when I was looking to the future and trying to decide when to launch APOK Derailed, May 2019 seemed like forever away, more than enough time, yet here we are, and although I am extremely close, I am behind / late. For that I apologize. It’s not like I am out by much. It’s so close. At this point I don’t want to announce a day yet, but as soon as I have a firm date I will advise. Please rest assured that it will be released before the end of this year. This I promise you. You may be asking why so long, or what’s left to be done?


Here are the answers;

APOK – print proof revision #3 has been completed and sent back to the publisher. Once the minor corrections are taken care of I will receive it for a fourth time to make sure everything is exactly as I want to see it. From there it goes out to the publisher. Considering each revision is a complete read through, my current read time of APOK is two full days, it won’t take too much longer now.

APOK Derailed – print proof revision #1 has been completed and sent back to the publisher. Like APOK, I will have three more opportunities to make sure it is exactly how I envision it. And like APOK, APOK Derailed requires two full days of read time. Considering the novels formats are being consolidated, I anticipate that APOK Derailed will proceed even faster now that we have a developed a working pattern. Because this is APOK Derailed first release it has a couple more hands to go through before you get to buy a copy. APOK Derailed will be reviewed by two separate book critics for a pre-release reading. After that is complete, APOK Derailed will coming your way!

As for the APOK Derailed book launch party, it appears we have secured a venue. The planning begins. There are a lot of moving parts will this launch, as I seek appropriate approvals to avoid any fallout like the APOK launch. Pending APOK Derailed publishing process, I will have a date for you soon. You won’t want to miss history in the making!

Until that time, as I mentioned, I will continue awarding APOK prizes until the release.

Take care,





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