Moving Down the Tracks

Date: 2019 May 27


Chug-a-chug! Chug-a-chug! APOK Derailed is speeding down the tracks and coming your way soon. This weekend I had a little downtime from the writing, editing and revising, and worked on the book launch. It was 6 years ago yesterday that I launched APOK to fireworks, smoke, and guns. Trying to fill those book launch shoes, is APOK Derailed slated to be released October 10th, 2019.


As previously discussed many moving parts. In keeping with everyone’s expectations, and working on keeping myself out of trouble this time, I am in the process of presenting a plan before the City of Barrie seeking permits. I should find out before the summer break whether this concept in my head is a go or if I have to scale back some more. I’ve already met with someone about renting a helicopter and at $4000 per hour, I had to gracefully decline, but fear not, because the things I have planned will still excite an audience.


We are only 4 days away from another set of draws. Considering the book launch has been delay I will continue offering prizes until release day! If you haven’t already got your name on the list, now is just as good as any, with over $1500.00 in prizes that have been given away, your name could be drawn next.


I expect to receive both versions back sometime this week and will muscle through them this weekend.


As things become known, I will let you know.

Thanks again,


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