Date: 2019 June 3


Being a writer comes with a great amount of freedom in one sense, however with that, responsibility. Regardless what happens, there are no shields to protect you. There is no averting the blame. The fact that your name is on the product means going that extra mile to ensure satisfaction.

This weekend was definitely a test of that. I received the latest revisions from the Publisher this week on both APOK and APOK Derailed. At first blush, I was excited. I sat for a moment in awe, reminiscing how far they’ve come. The joyous feeling believing that this weekend was end of the APOK Derailed 6 year publishing journey, ended abruptly on day one.

After a couple of hours going through APOK, word, by word, line by line, I saw things that didn’t match with APOK Derailed. When I saw the first format inconsistency, I moved past it thinking just one, I can live with. Then I found another, and another, in the end I found 80 things to be fixed. In the grand scheme of things, these are minor, inconsequential changes which amount to 0.0006 % of the book. However in striving for perfection even that is too much. I know by making these changes that I will spend another weekend going through the same process. I stand by my vow to each reader that I have done all that I can do to make this as enjoyable as possible. In doing so I believe the APOK series is set apart from all others.

While working with the publisher to make the APOK series in a class of its own, the APOK Derailed book launch party is slowly coming together. If all works out, this launch will definitely establish APOK on the scene both in literature and in event status. In saying that, the permit application is more involved than I had imagined, but it will definitely be worth it as long as it gets approved! Fingers crossed.

Sponsors and contributors for the APOK Derailed book launch are coming on board too. I just received word of another great addition to the night that will be enjoyed by all.

The APOK contests drew two names for May 2019.

Congratulations to Karen Peter HILLOCK! This is her second time winning the APOK Cash Contest!

We are waiting for the APOK Derailed KINDLE Contest winner to respond. If you live in Indianapolis, USA and are following APOK please check your email / junkmail for a message from APOK to claim your prize. There are only 2 days remaining before a new name is drawn.

That said, with APOK Derailed being delayed, this means more people will win APOK prizes. Every month until the book is launched prizes will continue to be awarded. Be sure to watch Facebook and participate in the Bonus Ballot posts to earn extra ballots to get more chances to win. At least one person a month has won with a Bonus Ballot entry.

Good Luck!


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