APOK Classifieds

Date: 2019 June 10


Maybe I should change the title from APOK News to APOK Classifieds. As the final touches on APOK and APOK Derailed are completed, the book launch planning is picking up momentum…guns, explosives, and a lot of fun to be had. Is it art imitating life, or life imitating art? Whatever it is, it’s going thrill!

But in order to do that, I’m looking for some more help. Do you happen to know any fully insured “Pyro” guys? Let me clarify, not the criminal sort, the film and television special effects sort. I’m also looking for those pedestrian trolleys (you’ll understand).


We are days away from the re-release of APOK. I expect it will be in the month of July (which is just around the corner already). This will kick off a small book tour at select locations.

APOK Derailed is still slated to come out October 10th, 2019. This will kick off a much larger book tour.


Thursday October 10th, 2019, is still the date of the book launch. I have a meeting tomorrow that will hopefully solidify plans. Much like stacking Dominos, the slightest miscalculation and they all fall down when you don’t want them too. Fortunately some good friends and some very generous supporters have come through in big ways helping to make things come together. Yet still with these added pieces, they are all dependent on a couple key spots.


The APOK Derailed KINDLE contest winner was selected and she completed all the necessary tasks including the skill testing question, but she hasn’t given me an address where to send the KINDLE. If this is you please respond to the emails I have sent or the message through Facebook.


Wishing everyone a great week.


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