Date: 2019 July 8

APOK News:

The first week of July is behind us once again. It marks the halfway point in the year, and the start of summer vacation with two big parties. During this busy week of celebrating both Canada Day and Independence Day, it was a big week for APOK.

APOK obtained two new Contributors, welcome to;

Bob’s Towing – 2366 Holt Road, Bowmanville – 905-723-5219; and

Streit Manufacturing Inc. – 111 Pillsbury Drive, Midland.

Thanks to these two Contributors, all persons who attend the APOK Derailed book launch will be in for something that very few people will ever witness / experience. Make sure you have space on your phone because I’m sure you’ll want to capture the night.

Friday July 5th, 2019, marked another celebration. Perhaps not as large as Canada Day or Independence Day but this was the day that I signed off on the completed version of APOK Derailed and sent it back to the publisher for publication. Yes after 6 years and 32 revisions, it’s finally ready for the world… almost. Currently in the hands of Friesenpress, their experts will add the last coat of polish. It will then travel to 2 different book critics before release. The suspense and anticipation of APOK Derailed’s release is killing me!

If that wasn’t enough, I would like to congratulate the June draw winners. Winning the APOK cash prize is Melanie KAVANAUGH, and taking home the APOK Derailed KINDLE is Michael KNAPP. Congratulations and thank you for continuing to follow APOK on Facebook. (Of note both of them won from ballots that they earned from BONUS BALLOT draws.)

As we move closer to the event I will continue to update you with details.



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