Date: 2019 July 15


If you’re counting like me, you’ll know that there’s only 12 weeks left before the release of APOK Derailed and a book launch like none other. While that may seem like eternity to some, I can assure you that time is passing away very quickly from my vantage point. The planning stages continue to press forward and devour my attention and time. While most major items have been stroked off the to-do-list, there are still several important pieces that I am working on…

Next week I set out for a two day adventure to build (in a destructive sort of way) one of the main props that will be on display the night of the book launch. This will prove to be a lot of fun for me and couple of others, but it will also be interesting to everyone who sees the finished product. I’m sure there will be spoiler alerts that will be on display in the coming weeks.

Earlier today I made a purchase agreement with another local company that is helping with another aspect of the book launch. This one is going to require a lot of work, but the end result will be worth it. Rollin’ up dem sleeves and gettin’ my hands dirty… I would like to extend a big thank you to Terry & Marsh’s LTD, located at 422 Tiffin Street, Barrie for being one of APOK’s latest contributors.

The next couple of weeks should solidify most of the Book Launch aspects, and tickets will be available shortly after.

Stay tuned to FACEBOOK to comment on an APOK post to earn additional ballots into the monthly draws.

Hope everyone has a great week,


4 thoughts on “COUNTDOWN!”

  1. This is great news! Enjoy the process! Hopefully we’ll be able to make it to your book launch.


      Thanks! I hope you can make it too. If you thought last time was memorable, this one will likely make you forget the first one! I’m not saying the first one was bad, I’m just saying this one is going to be so much more fun.

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