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Date: 2019 July 21


What a blur! There has been a lot of movement this week in many different APOK levels. As summer slips away, the launch is quickly approaching…

APOK Derailed is now officially COPYRIGHTed, completed, signed off and is waiting in cue at the Publisher’s printer. What an exciting time!

Before it was exciting, it was nerve racking!!! Putting the cart before the horse I set the book launch date without confirmation from the Publisher. It made for a scary couple of weeks, but fear not, as we received Good news!! I’ve been assured that I will have books for Thursday October 10th, 2019. I can tell you hearing those words was a breath of fresh air.

In search for musical talent for the APOK Derailed book launch, I’ve been spending time at local bars seeing groups perform. While walking out of one establishment, I heard an amazing voice echoing off the downtown Barrie buildings. Looking around I found the source. Attracting a lot of attention singing on the corner of the street was a girl with amazing musical talent. As I monitored the activity, I watched as people passed by, compelled to look, sing along and give her compliments. I’m proud to say that she agreed to perform as the opening act for the book launch. Welcome to Melina MELLE – refer to her website if you want to a preview of what she can do –

Several bands have been seen and spoken to, with a couple more this week (in saying that if you know of any good local groups – let me know). In making my rounds, I can say there is a lot of talented people within the Simcoe area. Making this choice is by no means easy. Everyone is so good. I’m hoping to have an announcement by next week who is going to be filling this spot.

In the middle of all of that, I have been preparing for some ADULT style, arts and crafts. Myself and a small group of brave persons are going to create something that few have ever seen. The work to make this happen is by no means easy, and I have had to rely on some amazing people to make it a reality. I will post some pictures by next week.

Coming up this week, I have a phone meeting with the publisher discussing several topics which will include discovering the production costs of a 455 page book.


Lots more in store…Talk to you next week,


2 thoughts on “THE PANIC IS OVER”

  1. Andrea Cogswell

    Can’t wait to read this one Mike.
    Sitting on the edge of my seat in anticipation!!


      Thanks Andrea. I’m excited too. I wish I could watch you read it to see you enjoy it, but that might be a bit weird. Only a little while longer. Oh my goodness. The anticipation is killing me.

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