Puzzle Pieces

Date: 2019 July 30


Another couple pieces of the APOK Derailed jigsaw puzzle have come together.

Piece one – APOK Derailed is officially in the printing cues awaiting distribution. Due to printer demands, the only book version available for the book launch is the paperback.

Piece two – APOK is navigating the final stages of removing the original out of production from around the world, and replacing it with the re-release version. Because of this process, it will take a little while longer, but my publisher is hopeful that I will have copies of the re-release on hand for the book launch.

Piece three – After six years, an idea has finally been realized, THE CAR SHOOT. It was a concept I came up with almost immediately after my last launch in anticipation of another one. I knew if I did write another one, that I would want a shot up car outside the venue. Sounds simple enough, get a car and shoot it up… I wish it were so. It was another example that perseverance can solve many issues. It was  a team effort that made this a reality, as I alone could not have done this. Again, I must shout out to all those involved. Thank you so very much!!! Lawn Enforcement, Huxter Bear Hunting Camps, Bobs Towing, KBAY Wrestling Club, JSPW Animations. And as a result a video has been created that captures the event and propels anyone watching it into the novel(s).

Catch the action following this link –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzSncLfpVh4

Piece four – book launch party. Ticket prices have been set and the tickets themselves are being worked on, and should be available very soon. By purchasing an APOK Derailed book launch ticket(s), you will receive a signed paperback edition of APOK Derailed (bookstore value $30 plus),  while enjoying amazing musical talent, and if I have anything to say about it, be a witness to a live action skit.

$40 – admit one (receive one signed copy of APOK Derailed)

$50 – admit two (receive one signed copy of APOK Derailed)

Should you wish to give the gift of literature to friends and family, there will be additional copies of APOK Derailed available at the promotional price of $25.00.

Piece five – I received confirmation that one of my book launch ideas will be occurring. For a limited few guests, their APOK Derailed experience will commence before they even get to the venue. More details about that very shortly.

Piece five – a television show has requested to interview me in September. As I know more I will divulge.


In short, the puzzle is coming together and it will be ready and waiting come Thursday October 10th, 2019.

Thanks again,



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