Every Journey begins with a Single Step!!!

Date: 2019 August 5


Have you ever tried to walk somewhere while focusing on the ground? Sounds funny, but every now and again, I did just that. I focused on where I was and not where I was going. I had to keep my head up and pay attention to what’s around me and see where I was going or risk never making it anywhere.

APOK Derailed is becoming more reality than fiction. Starting with a vague idea, and understanding the scope of the project, it definitely felt more like an idea on steroids than something that could be brought together. I’ve had many doubts, but managed to draw my attention away from those ideas and focused on the goal. There have been many ups and downs with things not working out but by keeping my eyes up, I could see another opportunity presenting itself. Remember every little bit counts.

This book launch is no different. Initially I had a grand idea, and I questioned my ability to pull it all together. I can look back and laugh at it now, but going through in real time, is a lot more stressful. It’s truly a conflicting state. Right now I can say we are in great shape. We have a shot up car, armored cars, a gorgeous venue, AND fantastic musicians. With tickets nearing completion I managed to secure MEMPHIS MUDD to perform as the closing act to the evening – www.memphismudd.com. They are a great local band who will add to your experience.

This week I believe I will have the tickets finalized and ready to go out. I’m just waiting for a couple of things that I want to include.

APOK Derailed is officially in the hands of some well known book critics in the industry… Kirkus Book Reviews, and Clarion Book Review by ForeWord Reviews. This process takes approximately 4 – 9 weeks. Talking about book critics…

Calling all those who read APOK. Please share your experience whether that be on Chapters, Amazon, Goodreads, or Barnes and Noble AND send me the link to be entered into a separate draw for a chance to win the ultimate APOK Derailed fan package. What does the ultimate package contain you may ask? I haven’t finalized the idea, but rest assured that it will be awesome. The draw for this prize will take place Friday September 13th, 2019.

In APOK contest news, please help me in Congratulating Janette McINTOSH in winning the APOK cash contest, we are still awaiting confirmation of the winner of the KINDLE.

Thanks to Screen Machine Promotions for their help making these magnet signs and other great APOK related items.

Till next week,




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