Date: 2019 August 20


It’s been six years since I began a writing journey which has since been named, APOK Derailed. Well ahead of schedule, and much to my surprise I received a package in the mail. Taking no time to carefully open the box, I tore open the brown cardboard flaps and stopped. Looking through the opening, I stared into the “eye”. All at once I was reminded of all of the early mornings, the late nights, and entire weekends devoted to an idea that at times seemed delusional. Barely holding on at times, I pushed myself through the tough days and now contained behind a dust cover and spanning 455 pages was proof of a dream come true.

The book launch is materializing very quickly. We are little over one and half months away now and almost all of the pieces are in place.

Luckily, I’ve been confirmed on a television show, filming on Monday September 9th, 2019. This will be a great launch pad for the release of APOK Derailed.

The re-release of APOK is well underway. In speaking with the publisher we should have copies for the book launch.

Adding to the excitement was the arrival of the stand-up banner, event posters and my new business cards. See attached.

There are a couple pieces still in the process however be assured that the party will be something to remember.

I would like to congratulate Joanne Fairbarn for winning the APOK Derailed July KINDLE draw.


Talk soon,


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