Car Shoot – Team Pic

Date: 2019 September 2


As summer ends; schedules come back online and schools fill up, all the while there has been lots APOK movement occurring in the background.

APOK is re-released and making its move worldwide; Amazon, Barnes and Noble already, and the rest soon to come. APOK Derailed is gaining speed and approaching fast. The book launch celebration plan is nearing completion, and now awaits execution. In preparation, I’ve been getting my hands dirty tearing apart a car. The end result should be a lot of fun!!! Be sure to check out the action live in person,

August draws are complete and messages have been sent out. Check to see if I contacted YOU, because you only have three days to claim your prize.

Instant prizes are being handed out as we race down the final stretch in the APOK Derailed publishing journey! Stay tuned.

Automatically enter your name into a draw for a BRAND NEW – APOK DERAILED limited edition copy!!! WHAT??? While waiting for another company’s review of APOK Derailed, I’m offering free APOK Derailed prizes to the first 40 eligible people!!!

To be eligible write a short (1 to 4 line) review of the novel APOK. Reviews must be posted on at least one (1) website (either: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Chapters, and Goodreads), under the novel APOK before October 1st, 2019.  It’s that easy. Send an email to – – provide proof of the review and win instantly an APOK Derailed prize; PLUS gain a ballot for a draw for a Brand New – APOK Derailed limited edition copy. EARN EXTRA BALLOTS by posting the same review on other sites including FB and send proof. One extra ballot per site.

Good luck.


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