30 days and Counting!!!


Date: 2019 September 9


With 30 days remaining until the book launch, there has been a lot on the go! Between meetings, phone calls, grunt work and lots of emails, I’m working on making this a night you won’t forget! Be sure to secure your SAFE PASSAGE vouchers, because you never know.

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Congratulations to our recent winners – Andy DARROCH and Jesse MAJOR. Andy walked away with a crisp $50.00 CASH, while Jesse took home a brand new KINDLE. This marks the end of the year of APOK cash and APOK Derailed KINDLEs ($1,750 in KINDLEs – $600 in CASH)… but fret not…

Because it aint over yet… still lots of prizes to be had. As we approach APOK Derailed’s debut, win instant prizes and a chance to win a limited edition hardcover copy of the new novel. The rules are simple;

Have you read, or are you in the process of reading APOK? And if so, do you have an opinion?… Take that bottled up review and share it with the world. Submit a short review (1 – 4 lines) onto only one of the following websites, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Chapters, Facebook, Goodreads, Indigo, Twitter. Please send confirmation to your review – apok.thenovel@gmail.com – and have your name entered into a draw for a limited edition hardcover copy of APOK Derailed.

While I have a lot to say, I don’t have a lot of time. I will explain next week. Till then…

Have a great week everyone,




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