Art meets Reality

Date: 2019 September 14


25 days remaining until the BEST book launch ever! I am not kidding. Everyone has been asking me what I was going to do to top the last book launch… besides a heart stopping book that will have you twisting and turning in your seat… well, as long as we can get the permits you won’t be disappointed. I just met with the Special Effects guy and he is happy with the progress and is prepared to WOW the audience!

So what is involved in a book launch? Think of a wedding… and think, beautiful lake front venue, shot up car, special effects car, rocking musicians, fantastic cake (taste and sight), cops, security, photographers, and much more. It’s been a lot of fun putting this together. With only a couple of little things remaining, the day is set!

As mentioned there has been a lot on the go preparing for the APOK Derailed book launch. Despite the list provided, there is so much more playing out in the background. Until I reach societal levels of such world famous authors as, Tom Clancy and all, I still have a day job. Balancing the book stuff with the job stuff has been challenging. Besides requiring the job to pay for the book stuff, I actually love my job and love doing a good job at it. Until the book takes off, I need to be satisfied at work just as I do at home. However, my idea of being satisfied may be somewhat different than others.

I have been fortunate enough to have been presented an opportunity to partake in. For lack of a better term, understood by all, Navy Seal training. It’s called, “Hell Week”. As intimidated as I am by the prospect of enduring an immense amount of pain, this is an opportunity. It wasn’t so long ago that I was involved in a serious accident and hospitalized. When released I unable to work for numerous months. Doctors didn’t believe that I would be able to regain my ability to be a cop. And to be honest, I believed them. It was challenging regaining what I had lost. It took time to develop confidence, and now that I am actually working, defeating the odds and able to do everything, I decided to push the limits one more time with “Hell Week”. This is touted as the major leagues. With a day-one drop-out rate of nearly 50%, I am honored to be given this chance, and hope that I can establish that someone passed 40 can still succeed at that level.

If you’re receiving this blog in an email blast out, this means that I am still involved in Hell Week. Hopefully I can survive the entire process… until next week,


Take care,


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