BOOK LAUNCH PARTY – 3 More Sleeps!

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Date: 2019 October 7

APOK Derailed

Whittling down the last remaining days before the Book Launch, APOK (re-released) and its younger sibling APOK Derailed arrived in mass numbers this week. They look amazing. Thanks so much to Friesenpress. Now, readers are you ready to be THRILLED?

Among other things, I have been running around tying up loose ends. It feels like moving houses; after loading all the heavy stuff I find myself surrounded by odds and ends. Initially it’s ugly and intimidating but ignoring those small items remaining won’t solve the issue. The only solution is getting to work.

I’m constantly writing to-do-lists and working through them only to write more. I couldn’t imagine where I would be if I didn’t and what I wouldn’t have accomplished. The lists keep me on track and if for whatever reason I can’t complete everything, the remaining items get pushed to the next day. The never ending lists are similar to that joke; question: How do you eat an elephant? answer: one bite at a time.

It doesn’t get any simpler than that. The list may be 1000 items long, but by following that logic eventually everything will get done. It’s likely one of the things that Policing has conditioned in me. Patience, Prioritising and Persistence.

Regardless how excited I am for the day to arrive, my goal is for everyone who attends to have an amazing time and I know that I need to do my job to make sure that happens.

So, what has been happening behind the scenes… AirMagic (special effects company) is prepped to wow the crowd. Both Melina Melle and Memphis Mudd and they are ready and set for the engagement. STREIT has dedicated 2 beautiful machines for the outdoor display, and the photographers, videographers, venue employees, security, and the MC are lined up psyched to deliver.

It’s going to be a party.

Doors open at 6pm

Hope to see you there. Have a great week,


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