Police On Guard at the APOK Derailed book launch 

Date: 2019 October 15


APOK Derailed is off the rails! 2019/10/10 marks the date. After 6 years the novel was released and book stores around the globe are slowly adding it to their available collection. Currently it is available at; Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and many more in the coming days.

With a truck on fire, a shot up SUV, a Police SWAT team arrest and two live musical performances, the APOK Derailed book launch was a success. It was the culmination of months of prep and grouping together people from different walks of life to deliver a live theatre performance establishing APOK Derailed as the Best Book Launch EVER! Don’t believe me? Take a look at the pictures and responses of those who witnessed it person! (hit the FACEBOOK button the website and see for yourself)

What is next in the APOK writing and publishing saga? Rogers TV – My Story is now airing the interview with me. Since that time I’ve been asked to be on another show and the APOK Derailed book tour is crystallizing as I am typing this. Involved in the tour will be a stop at a local artist show. As these events and dates become set I will be adding them to the new events tab on the – – website… oh yeah and I am going to continue writing the 3rd novel.

After you’re done reading APOK Derailed, and you feel strongly about the quality. Please help it become a New Times best seller by providing a review (the review could be as simple as one word – Fantastic or Thrilling) on any, or all of the platforms (Goodreads, Amazon, Indigo, Barnes & Noble etc.) and send me a copy to me for the website. These reviews help future readers with making a decision. Unlike a song, or a piece of visual art, novels need to be fully ingested to be appreciated, which takes time. Help speed up the transfer of information by providing a review and provide exposure to APOK Series.

In closing I would like to thank all those companies and individuals who took part and attended, making the APOK Derailed the best book launch ever (Memphis Mudd – Melina Melle – Farmhouse Restaurant – Streit Inc – AirMagic – Terry & Marsh Towing – Bob’s Towing Bowmanville – Lawn Enforcement – Huxter Hunt Camps – Cakes by Design – Barrie Police – Barrie Fire – TSSA and Eventbrite).


Thank you so very much!


Ps. If you weren’t able to make it out to the book launch and you want a signed copy of APOK Derailed, send an email to me at – – or contact me through the CONTACT form on the website. I will continue to sell books at the promotional rate of $25 taxes included. If you live outside of the Barrie area, shipping and handling charges will apply.



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