Dallas Texas – APOK Display 2013 – Barnes & Noble

Date: 2019 October 21


As the hangover from the book launch subsides…the book tour begins to take shape. Being a successful writer requires a multi-stepped approach. Step 1 – write an epic thriller novel. Step 2 – edit it (in my case editing involved Steps 2 to 34). And once you’ve carefully sculpted each word in every sentence, you get the privilege of publishing it, Step 3. Taking in a sigh of relieve having spent hours, weeks, years perfecting your craft, now it’s time to let people know, Step 4 – marketing; because the book sitting on the shelf at the local bookstore among thousands of other titles needs to stand out.

I believe the best is a multi-disciplined approach (just look at Hollywood and the movie industry – they hit you everywhere radio, TV, internet and touring etc) but cost is an issue. Using social media, and advertising there is less expensive but it is also hard to quantify if your ADs are working (advertising can be a money pit if you’re not careful – ask me how I know?) If you don’t have the budget for an over-the-top marketing campaign, then I believe the most effective method is touring (it’s worked for bands throughout the decades). You receive instant feedback whether it’s working or not, and it can be fun (It gives you a reason to visit a new city and explore).

Just getting out there is half the battle, find a location any location if you’re really desperate. Myself, I think bookstores are where it’s at. They host a captive audience interested in books. By visiting locations outside of your hometown you gain a fantastic opportunity to introduce others to your product. Even if they don’t immediately purchase anything you’ve still had that engagement. What’s the worst that can happen, they say no, or they ignore you? As displeasing as it is (we all want to be automatically accepted), it’s how you react and internalize that.

Prepare your ego before heading out and check yourself regularly. Remain in good spirits. Find something that pleases you about the situation, and remained focused on that. In doing so, success is literally just around the corner. Don’t allow that “no” to deflate you because the next person approaching you will sense it. Remain strong and pleasant, and you will succeed.

It’s been about 6 years since my last tour and I expect it be much of the same. It can be tough but I know that getting out there is the only way to make it happen. You never know who you’ll meet.

If you’re in the area stop by and we can discuss APOK and his trials and tribulations.

Have a great week. Talk soon,


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