Book Tour – AWATTO

Date: 2019 October 28


The fall colors were alive and well dusting the Awatto area with lots of reds, yellows and oranges. AWATTO, better known as Ottawa was the scene of the first stop on the APOK book tour. The weather was perfect, as it gave me an opportunity to get out and explore after the event.

Among those who came out for the new edition, I was able to meet a lot of new faces that were interested in the APOK Series. Many shared different stories.

One reader advised me that her and her father select a new novel and read it to each other over the phone, and several years ago they had selected APOK as one of those novels. Another walked up and shared with me that it was their profession to eat feces everyday (you know what they really said). Initially I wasn’t sure how to respond, until there was more context. It was good for a laugh. And half-way through the evening, I began mentoring a child. They hung around the table watching the interactions and patted me on the back when someone bought a novel. When someone walked away with empty hands, they awww-ed “That was so close.” He was a great little sidekick. I was able to explain to them the process and how to be positive about each interaction – Thanks for your support Matthew.

As we enter the Christmas season, the book store tour will be delayed. Due to space and the volume of customer demands book stores tend to close their doors to authors. As a result there are other locations and dates that are in the works. Once those become solidified I will pass those along.

I would like to express a huge thank the Chapters Rideau for setting this up and having me in on such short notice. And the Chateau Laurier for their hospitality. If you’ve never been, it’s a great place just to look around at the old Victorian Gothic art work in the construction of the building.


Till next time,


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