Date: 2019 November 11

While temperatures drop and snow begins to fall, thousands descended into downtown Barrie, paying homage to those who voluntarily gave up their youth, innocence and life for a cause greater than any one person. Even though we often take for granted our current state of existence, it’s refreshing to see so many who still remember. Annually the moment of silence provides everyone time to experience an internal journey, reflecting and appreciating where we are, what we have and what others went and go through to make and keep this a reality. I am thankful for ability to be whoever we want to be.



This coming Saturday, I’ve been invited to take part in the Local Authors Showcase held by the Innisfil ideaLAB and Library. I’ll be presenting the APOK journey from concept to reality along with other authors taking part in the event. Both novels and more will be available for those wanting to get copy or those looking for special gift ideas.


APOK III is also taking shape. With so much happening in the background the writing is slow but the ideas are rich.


I’m also preparing for another upcoming television interview. More information to follow.


I hope everyone has a great week. Talk soon,


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