5 Weeks

Date: 2019 November 18


The APOK Novel – facebook page is inching towards 1000 likes as the book launch continues to grow momentum.

Five weeks have passed since the APOK Derailed book launch and I’m still beside myself in a quasi out of body experience. I look at my white board full of my to-dos and realize I’ve done it. I really should erase the white board, but I can find the strength to do it quite yet.

Reviews of the novel have been coming in and I had a fantastic opportunity to sit down with one of my biggest fans and discuss APOK Derailed. This was the first time I have been able to discuss the finished novel with someone outside of my head and get their feedback. His initial words, “You nailed it.” Knowing this person, this was straight from the heart. There was no sugar coating. This person isn’t in the business of sugar coating, in fact quite the opposite. Although I was quite confident I had fulfilled my duty, those 3 words gave me confirmation. (Thanks DT).

As a writer, you accept a very lonely road. Hours, days, months, years of working by yourself on a project only you can see. Without proof, you see value and continue to toil until that fateful day when you believe it’s finished. Transforming that idea into something published requires a little more courage and a thicker skin. You have to realize that your baby, your manuscript, your dream isn’t going to be accepted by everyone. In fact there will be people who will downright hate it for whatever reason. Somehow during those moments, you need to find strength from within. For me it’s moments like the one discussed earlier, where 3 words gave me the backup I will rely upon when needed.

This past weekend it was an honour to be invited to participate in the Innisfil Authors showcase hosted by the Innisfil ideaLAB and Library. I shared the stage with several Authors, one of whom had a movie deal and more, and others who have a solid collection of works of art behind them. It’s remarkable how similar yet different everyone’s struggles are. Adversity seems to be part of the magic formula in any great story, whether it be real life or fiction. There was no shortage of adversity discussed, yet despite the odds and situations, everyone rose to the challenge in their own right.

I would like to thank Kaja BLACKLEY (author of Maggie MacCormack and the Witches Wheel) who took the time after the event to share with me his experiences and gave me guidance on how to navigate the road to reach my goals (the New York Times best seller list and Hollywood). He was a fantastic person who appreciates his good fortune and gives back.

Tomorrow (Tuesday November 19th, 2019), I am being interviewed for a television show that will be airing within the month. I’ll provide the details soon, I promise.

Have a great week,



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