Love Your Life To Death

2 Authors – 3 books

Date: 2019 November 25


With the American Thanksgiving quickly approaching and Christmas only a month away, I find myself taking time to reflect and spend some time being appreciative of so many things.

The APOK Series continues to make waves, the FACEBOOK page has reached well over 1000 likes and still going strong. Thank you to everyone who has liked the page and continuing to follow the journey as I work on getting the APOK Series to the big stage. I am marketing the APOK Series, however with your help sharing the good word, I know we will be able to make APOK the blockbuster that the book reviewer believed it would be.

If you have any ideas or know of an upcoming event that would be great for the APOK Series please let me know and I will see if it fits with my schedule. The tour will commence in the new year and I plan on traveling quite a bit. Details to follow.

Love Your Life to Death. At first that string of words sounds morbid, perhaps a bit startling, but after consideration, you’ll find a pearl of wisdom trapped within the 5 individual syllables. That’s the philosophy of motivational speaker Yvonne HEATH, host of the television show Real Life Talks. I had the pleasure of being invited on her show to discuss my life journey to APOK and APOK Derailed. She dug a little deeper and brought out some stories kept quiet. Despite sitting in front of the cameras and being wired up, she made me feel at home. As soon as it airs I will let you know how and where to find it. Thanks Yvonne and all.

P.S. Everyone will enjoy the powder scene when it gets shared shortly.


Talk soon,


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