Getting Around


Date: 2019 December 2


I would like to welcome the many new faces across North America and those from across the pond to the APOK journey. The results from APOK Derailed’s first month in circulation have been released and I saw as many UK sales as USA sales. I am honored that you selected the APOK Series as your source of reading entertainment. I vow that the third edition of the APOK Series will continue to push the envelope and deliver a fantastic read.

INSTAGRAM – yep I am new to this platform. I am working on delivering content out there for all to see. For those interested, michaelwalton38 is my INSTAGRAM name. I’ve been touring when time permits, including a great trip to Friday Harbour for their Tree Lighting Ceremony. Well done! I managed to squeeze in sometime with Santa, and even kept his seat warm for a bit. (Friday Harbour is a small community outside of Barrie, Ontario. A manicured boardwalk separates the waters of Lake Simcoe from shops and restaurants overlooking the marina.)

There is plenty on the horizon for 2020, and when the tour starts I hope to see as many APOK fans as I can. Until then, we have a couple little celebrations filling some time.

While this may not be the news many are hoping to hear, it’s December! I know, it sneaks up on me every year despite all the warning signs. With little over 3 weeks till Christmas, I am struggling to fit everything I wanted to do into the schedule.

For those who don’t know, this is my favorite time of year. Working as a Police Officer, I have learned how to wield the power of father time and celebrate Christmas whenever my schedule permits. For me it’s always been about getting together with as many people as I can. Typically my year is so busy, I really make an effort on decreasing the amount I take on during this month to make this happen…this year I may not have that opportunity.

This is far from a moment of self pity, it’s just a matter of fact. I’m busy as many people are, and this year I don’t see an off button anywhere. So while this may interfere with regular scheduled traditions, it paves the way for me to stretch outside my comfort zone and work on spreading the visiting throughout the year.

Till next week,


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