Date: 2019 December 10


Well we are officially 15 days away from Christmas, and 26 days from 2020. Wow. 2020 seems so futuristic and yet it’s only days away. Not only does that signify the end of another year but it also brings the APOK Derailed book tour that much closer. I will be visiting locations through North America, and we will see what happens from there… maybe the UK?

The APOK FACEBOOK community continues to grow as we now approach 1,200 page likes. I would like to thank you for taking the time to like the page and enjoy the content. The latest video is my gift to you, a little laughter in the morning goes a long way.

For those who have already reached out to me and told me how much you liked APOK Derailed, thank you. I am so glad to hear that everyone is enjoying the read. One of the latest reviews called it, Mind Blowing. As much fun as I had to deliver the latest edition to you, I’ve been squeezing in writing time for APOK 3 whenever I can. I’m excited to get through this next one and start work towards publishing because there are some who are dying for the next one already…

This past weekend I took the APOK writing series on the road. I secured a fantastic view to work from; 14 floors above the never ending rushing waters of Niagara Falls. Regardless how many times I’ve visited the area, I’m still mesmerized by its sights and sounds. That’s pretty much how I want my readers to feel…lost in thought.

Have a great week,


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