2020 – Taking In the New Year!

Taking in the New Year!

Date: 2020 January 6


Well that didn’t seem long enough to be a year!!! Is anyone with me? 2019 flew by. There was so much on the go in the APOK world, I barely had time to sleep near the release (literally).

For those who are new to APOK or those who like a quick refresher here is the APOK 2019 recap;

– re-release of APOK

– shot up a Ford Explorer (Exploder)

– smashed, painted and lit a Ford 250 pickup truck on fire

– began working on the marketing campaign that involved, zip-lines, grinders, dropping trucks off trucks, smashing windows, shooting and rain.

– took over a lakefront restaurant

– had middle eastern armored vehicles roll in a SWAT team

– RELEASED – APOK DERAILED – only the best story ever!

– book tour started

– 2 television talk show appearances

and a partridge in a pair tree – if I missed something I apologize but all of this was a result of, and couldn’t have been accomplished without working with some amazing people. Thank you so very much.

So what’s on the horizon for 2020?…

LOTS. That means touring, touring and more touring. Dates are being worked on but currently we have the first 2020 tour date set for Saturday February 8th, 2020 at the Chapters in Sudbury, Ontario. I’ve also been asked to be a panel member at the Public Safety Writers Conference in Las Vegas in July 2020.


Stay tuned APOK could be coming to your city soon!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I do wish everyone a great 2020.

Take care,



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