Date: 2020 May 18


I hope everyone managed to enjoy the long weekend and the slow re-opening of our society. Although the future of the APOK Derailed book tour is still undetermined, as soon as I hear something I will let you know.




FAIRNESS and EQUALITY is not a self-sustaining position that once gotten lasts forever. The world over has struggled and some countries still struggle to reach the level that we now enjoy. However this North American vacation period of not being involved seems to be coming to an end. Whether we like it or not we will be forced to take action or slip peacefully into servitude and oppression as laws and rules insulate some from prosecution, creating divisions and turmoil. Like many I do not wish to become politically involved. It is a messy arena that is filled with unnecessary conflict on a good day. Instead of trying to work together to solve societal issues there seems to be more grandstanding to appease their constituents.

Particularly in Canada, many of our rights and freedoms (privileges) are under attack in a fashion contrary to a democracy. Particular attention should be centered on the desire to commence censorship, in this case of COVID19 information. While many aren’t fond of misinformation, I’m not sure how the government / police will effectively enforce this when the information about COVID19 changes from news cast to news cast. If we objectively examine the data readily available and reports that the Chinese government is covering up information and the WHO (World Health Organization) is assisting in that endeavor, how can we trust our own government with the information shared with us? We need to understand the frailties of our freedoms.

By allowing government the ability to enforce communication about COVID19, we give up our right to question their decisions, their information. They control what is said period. Anything to the contrary would be a crime. Now consider that every phone is an open microphone and companies are able to capture every word (waiting for those magic words, “Hey goo…” or “Hey Si..”). These laws create a society that our family members fought to prevent. A good example of such a law; The Income Tax War Act introduced in 1917 was a temporary measure to offset War expenses. However, once the government started seeing the money collected they refused to relinquish it. In 1948 the Income Tax War Act was changed to the Income Tax Act and taxes continued. Once the government starts monitoring us, it will balloon into other areas citing the prevention of heinous criminal acts.

In this situation, who will be monitoring the government? If it is found out that the government is found to be complicit in a crime, abusing their powers, how will anyone know if they control all forms of information sharing, and then what happens to the whistle blower like Daniel ELLSBERG or Edward SNOWDEN? Daniel ELLSBERG was tried under the Espionage Act for releasing top secret documents to the press revealing the selfish and political reasons behind the Vietnam War. He was acquitted on all charges after it was revealed that President Nixon had employed persons to ruin ELLSBERG.

If you’re Canadian and consider our country the shining light of truth and justice, need I remind you of the Attorney General’s incident in 2019 or how about the Ad Scandal, the Gas Plant Scandal, the Air Bus Scandal. Still not convinced?? What of the McDonald Commission? Time and time again our government officials are involved in crime while in office and yet few are every prosecuted like any of us would be given the same circumstances.

Interesting enough with all of this coming to light, there have been new laws (or legal precedents) restricting police investigations. When the benefits outweigh the penalties, there are no limits to what will happen. Combine that with laws created to insulate certain people from prosecution and there is a recipe ripe for abuse.

Canada real estate has attracted the attention and money of corrupt officials and crime syndicates from across the globe (HUFFPOST – 2019 03 28). Canada has been harshly criticized for its poor record of cracking down on money laundering and corruption by several international monitoring organizations … including Transparency International (GLOBE & MAIL). Canada is recognized as a money laundering haven throughout the world and for good reason.

There are specials laws insulating lawyers and government officials from prosecution. Say I were a person involved in crime and I wanted to conceal my ill gotten gains from the authorities, my first order of business would be to pay a lawyer or paralegal to go on record with my company as a secretary or executive. Why? I’m glad you asked…

In the event that police were successful at obtaining enough evidence to investigate such a company, there is no easy way to quickly obtain the information. Because a lawyer is involved, Canadian laws are specific that a referee (a lawyer approved by the Law Society) be hired to conduct the search. Under the direction of the investigator, the lawyer not the police are to search and seize documents and seal them. This information is then given to a Judge to review the information and decide if the Police can see it. Even if the Police are permitted to see it, it doesn’t mean that they will be successful in admitting it into evidence.

Again, we are not without a response. We need to take proactive action and remain involved. We must demand that changes be made to ensure that there are appropriate checks and balances for all and not just for some. We cannot insulate members of our society from prosecution just because of their post. Unfortunately we are human, and with that comes many temptations. Saskatchewan Premier Tommy Douglas once said, “My dream is for people around the world to look up and to see Canada like a little jewel sitting at the top of the continent.” Only together can we make Canada a place that our ancestors will be proud.


Have a great week.



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