Seven Year Anniversary

Date: 2020 May 26


I hope all my American friends and fans were able to enjoy peace this past Memorial Day weekend. For those that don’t know, Memorial Day formerly called Decoration Day, was to honor all those who died in Military service to their country (much like Canadian Remembrance Day). It is because of those selfless sacrifices that we enjoy the life we live today. Thank you.

May 26th, marks a special day to me in a couple of ways, it was on today’s date 7 years ago (2013) that I celebrated the release of APOK with a book launch party that I won’t forget… hopefully those who were in attendance haven’t forgotten either. It was entry onto the book stage in a way best suited for the novel and myself. I want to thank everyone that attended and especially all those who helped and worked behind the scenes and on the stage to deliver such a memorable occasion. I couldn’t do it without all of you. (The picture above shows some of the fun had that day).

While there is much to complain about whether it was before COVID or currently, I wanted to take today to remember. There is magic in remembering / acknowledging the good times and what we have to be thankful for. Do that before the day starts and enjoy the benefits of a thankful attitude the rest of the day.

This simple exercise has been something I’ve been practicing for several years now. It was one of the things that helped get a grip on my life when it was spiraling out of control. It might sound simple enough, but when everything was falling apart around me it was the hardest thing to do to bring my mind to a thankful place. It took practice and discipline, but eventually I gained strength by being thankful.

Have a great week, talk soon,


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