Date: 2020 June 1

APOK News:

APOK fans, I hope you are doing well amidst the wide sweeping chaos befalling the Land of the Free. My heart and prayers go out to everyone suffering even further during this crazy time. There is so much to say but I feel that there is more than enough being said. DONE. Now let’s do something about it.

In the past weeks I’ve been posting about political issues, considering engagement to address issues some of which that culminated in what we all are seeing… however after a little more soul searching and analyzing the situations, I have began talks with certain individuals to start up a charitable advocacy group.

I know many of us have seen and have been approached by charitable organizations in the past, but this one I assure you will be like no other. As a charitable organization, there is plenty of room to help out, especially a start up and once you understand the concept you will be excited to be involved.

As a police officer having worked some very disturbing investigations, I have seen poverty and the effects of the cycle of poverty lead to many, many societal issues that police officers face every day. I know from conversations with fellow officers we would like to do more to help but resources are minimal and the results not long lasting as the persons involved in these situations are faced with reality of returning to the very locations that put them at risk in the first place.

To combat that frustration by the victims in the situation and the police trying to help out, the platform of the charitable organization is; Breaking the cycle of poverty and human trafficking.

It will be a multidisciplinary approach that addresses many factors to ensure success in the long run. It is not a handout, it will be a system where those who enter will gain inner strength, confidence and practical skills.

As charitable organization every little bit helps. I would like to gauge what everything thinks, if you’re interested in helping out this GRASSROOTS effort please send me a message at “” and we can discuss in greater detail.

For the APOK fans waiting for novel 3, don’t worry there has been progress on that front as well. This past weekend I placed the finishing touches on Chapter 3 of APOK III. It’s staging very well to rock your world, I’m excited to finish this one too and get it into your hands.

Have a great week. Better times are coming. Talk soon,




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