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As a drug cop, I have seen children in home conditions so horrible it would break your heart… filthy deplorable existing places where hard drugs are on nearly every surface that their little hands can touch. One middle of the night raid, me and a team entered a home and were blinded by the thick smoke in the air. Although I had been involved in many arrests for crack cocaine this was by far the worse. In the house near naked children ran around like humming birds ignorant to what their little lungs were inhaling. In one home I saw a little 3 year old rummaging through dirty clothes scattered on the floor trying to find something for him and his little brother to wear.

Our complete system is corrupt. The leader of the governing party of Canada recently announced that systemic racism exists in every part of our country in all institutions. Considering the government’s involvement in some rather outright dirty dealings that were exposed in the media, it seems this announcement is spoken from experience and knowledge.

Systemically racist!?? Those words have the same effect as tossing a live grenade into a room full of people, anyone not able to escape the blast are likely injured or dead. Such a statement by extension accuses the public of being racist. The response to recent events across North America in relation to related topics has been mixed; protests, virtue signaling, silence, outrage and riots. Compound that with media and social media folk calling out anyone silent as further proof of their involvement, or anyone contesting the fact, that their discussion is considered proof that they are racist. Its a tough social climate. The idea, “either you’re racist or you’re not, and if you claim you’re not, you MUST do this or you are!” Isn’t this type of fascism thinking the very thing that is being fought, “the group think”, “the prejudice”, the, “what I see on the surface must be what lies beneath”, type segregation?  (In 20 years I have never been to a police memorial, just because I haven’t doesn’t make me less cognizant of their sacrifices.)

As viewed in every protest within the last month, many of the participants are white, in contrast to the protests in the 1960s when most were black. Since the Civil Rights movement, the world has changed dramatically with racial minorities taking the spotlight in all aspects of life, whether it be Business, Doctors, Lawyers, Military, National or International Sports, Media, Music, Movies and Political figures. There are countless young persons of all ethnic backgrounds growing up idolizing, emulating and aspiring to be like these celebrities.

In the 2008 Presidential election 69 million people voted for OBAMA, and in 2012, 65 million, both solidifying his Presidency. Dig a little deeper into the Presidential election and you’ll note approximately 100 million people didn’t vote, meaning they weren’t swayed one way or the other. Those numbers alone represent over half of the population without delving into the fact that just because someone didn’t vote for OBAMA doesn’t suggest that they are racist, hence the number is higher still. Since the Presidency is attained through the system, isn’t this proof that the system isn’t racist? I realize that Canada and the United States have two different systems, however our societies are very similar. Please don’t misunderstand me, this is not to say that racism doesn’t exist, I know it does, I have seen it, been victim to it, and realize that it might always exist in one capacity or another… but what I have seen more than racism is corruption.

Let’s return to Canada and analyze the corruption piece. If in fact the system was racist against racial minorities, there would have been media attention on the law or the procedure identifying where it is enshrined… however there isn’t. In fact I am aware that there are certain government programs that are designed specifically to encourage and benefit racial minorities (so that system is racist just not in the sense referred to by government). **now back to the idea of corruption versus racism** It isn’t written on paper, therefore if it isn’t written down and its procedures and laws are used racially the system is corrupted by a racist, not that the system is racist as a whole. I know, I know this might be viewed as semantics, but this is a very important piece that we will see in a moment…. Systemic Racism is the system (laws, documents, procedures), and Corruption are the people within the system that influence it. For example sake, one court house in Toronto is filled with good hard working people and the system is fair, compared to another court house in the same city where it is filled with bad people and the system is corrupt, same system, two different experiences. Let me show you…

The scandal that broke featuring the Attorney General was within the current government’s inner circle, however when she didn’t comply with the ruling party’s wishes to obstruct an ongoing investigation she was pressured by several. Feeling the heat, and knowing how the system can be manipulated, she recorded a conversation and exposed corruption at the highest level within the country. When the government was called to explain, the media and the government painted her as the problem, she was removed her from her position and they carried on as if nothing occurred. Again, as mentioned, the government’s statement about systemic racism isn’t without some merit, but I believe this was used as a form of virtue signaling without really giving an example… they acknowledge a problem but won’t really do anything about it… Don’t believe me, keep reading…

As far as corruption in the system is concerned, no one in Canada has been victim to this more than the various Indigenous groups. From the onset of the treaties, they have had little voice, silenced by the all encompassing systems operated by people with an agenda. Not understanding the system they were frustrated as games and tricks were played by persons and when they revolt, their revolt is displayed as the problem and dealt with. The individuals committing the crimes are arrested weakening their cause. Eventually they return to the court for resolution but are bogged down again and again.

Corruption is a conspiracy theory, no one believes it until it is proven, and sometimes not even then. In today’s society Credibility is the key. Attack and ruin the person’s ability to have a voice and they lose the ability to fight. Think of the Lance Armstrong scandal. The defendant will dig into the history of the accuser and reveal secrets…and if there is nothing there, they may employ another person from another system to attack… random audits conducted by the IRS, or Child and Family Services drop in for a surprise visit. The more entrenched the opposing force the more influence they have to engage. Even the police have been used by the government to do their dirty work. In Canada the MacDonald Commission revealed that the police were involved in  counter subversive action on activists leading up to the 1976 Montreal Olympics (these were CIA type operations within the country).

I’m not here to defend the police as a whole, having investigated police for corruption I know there are problems just like any profession. I am here to explain the system and point out who possesses the ability to manipulate it and make decisions. Police don’t make laws, nor do they control the system. Police report to the system and are told what they can do and where to go. Police enforce the laws and introduce persons who contravened them to the system controlled by Judges, Lawyers and Politicians. Front line Police Officers stand between those who control the system and everyone else. They are the ones being yelled, insulted, threatened and attacked by many of the same members of society who take offence to the slightest politically incorrect word. Police have been the scapegoat for many political decisions when things go bad… on both sides.

What this comes down to are people. People make the world what it is. For too long the morals of society have been weakened, promoted by selfish gains and a failure to take responsibility. If we want change in the world we need to hold ourselves accountable. Relearn to treat people with respect and earn self-respect. Be fair. Accept being wrong and learn from mistakes instead of blaming others.

ARE YOU STRONG ENOUGH? To fight what is popular, knowing it is wrong. To walk away from ego, status, and riches, refusing to compromise morals and good character. To ask for help when needed. To decide who you want to be, and stay the course.


Smoother Waters Ahead. Have a great week,




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  1. As usual another great perspective on society and policing. I look so forward to reading your viewpoint. Keep it up.

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