Date: 2020 July 6


I’ve just received word from Chapters and Indigo stores that they don’t anticipate being able to have me resume the tour anytime soon… so that being said, I have heard that yard sales are now legal. If you’re considering having a yard sale and don’t mind the APOK tour using your driveway let me know and maybe we can work something out.

APOK III – Chapter 5 has commenced. My goal is 32 chapters, so only 27 to go.



In the past week we saw the celebration of Canada’s 153rd birthday and the United States of America’s 244 birthday. Happy Belated Canada Day and Independence Day to everyone celebrating them. Those are significant milestones, and if we reflect on the humble beginnings of both countries and where we are today, there is a lot of pride we should feel. We need to celebrate the wins just as much if not more than we torture ourselves for the loses. Half full or half empty.

After a couple of days off I find myself ready for battle again. I definitely felt the need for time off. For the past two years I have worked day and night working my day job with passion and precision and at night striving to reach the goal of releasing my second novel. I was well on my way to rock the world with a kick ass book tour when COVID hit, and then grew frustrated seeing all the craziness happening. I needed time to reflect and recharge. I withdrew from FB and barely looked at my phone. Instead I took in nature and tackled some things that I have had on my list but never made the time to accomplish.

With nothing actually different in the world surrounding me, by unplugging, taking in nature, and accomplishing small wins the time was wonderful. It reminded me that it all comes down to perspective. Our history, our present and future all relies on the way we see things. It really is that simple, but we tend to lose sight of it with the complexities that we introduce into life. I know I need to maintain this mindset, this is as much an exercise creating habit as anything else in life, without it my soul will be severely unhealthy.

The 9 year anniversary of my collision is quickly approaching and I recall what helped me regain my life after that fateful day. I had to accept the negatives and focus on the positives, regardless how small. This was not easy or something that happened quickly. It took me five years of working and failing, but recognizing the good in each failure and moving the bar a little higher each time was the key to success. I don’t wish what I went through on an enemy, but I also understand that I wouldn’t be who I am without going through that situation. Hindsight being twenty-twenty, I am very thankful for all the pain that helped me change my life.

I happily display my Canadian and American flags at my home, and consider myself fortunate and honored to serve my community as a police officer. I know there are wrongs that need fixing, that’s part of why I go to work every day, but that doesn’t mean it’s all wrong. There is a lot of good here, but its hard to see when focusing on the negatives.

Welcome to summer everyone and I hope you shave some time to recharge and reflect. Perspective, it could change your life.


Have a great week,




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