One year old and still growing!

Date: 2020 December 7


Due to technical difficulties its been a while since my last blog. October 10th, 2020, marked the one year anniversary of the release of APOK Derailed. Since that time till now the APOK series has delighted thousands of readers and has a steadily growing following. Currently there are 1481 FB followers, and if you are one of those, let me say THANK YOU!!! I am honored that you have chosen to LIKE, FOLLOW and SHARE posts, spreading the APOK word. I promise to repay you with APOK III, a novel that is sure to delight, and have you reading late into the night delivering relentless thrills and chills.

There is lots on the go in the background, and I am always looking for new ideas (that said, if you come up with anything and want to share it, please do). I would like to give a shout out and thank you to the bookfairies across Canada for their work promoting reading (and for their help promoting the APOK Series). I’ll be teaming up with the bookfairies again soon, so stay tuned…because their magic is real!!!

Until next week! Take Care!


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