The Gift of Words


Date: 2020 December 14


Christmas giving doesn’t always mean something tangible, words are enough. The words on the pages bound together may be material, however it’s the mental adventure and journey each reader experiences that is something so special that no money can buy. Stating the obvious, no two minds are alike. No matter how detailed, although reading or hearing the same words, no one will see same the characters, scenery, or colors. It’s a personal journey, and that’s the gift that I strive to achieve with each novel.

I am aware that my novels may not be for everyone (so I’ve been told by my mother). When I started creating the APOK Series, it was about creating something that I would enjoy reading, believing that there are others like me, seeking that rare find. I have always felt that there is an audience that will enjoy the purity of the novels. The series means so many different things to me, and if someone likes what I have put together I am honored and happy that I have given them something different.

While I do enjoy giving, I too like to receive from time to time. Late last week I received a gift. It was bundled in my email inbox. With a click, I tore open the packaging and was thrilled to see what Writer’s Digest sent me. It was a review, and not just any review. It was full to the top with compliments about APOK Derailed and the writing.

Let me share some of the highlights;

Michael Walton offers a convincing narrative of a plot almost too large for life…Walton’s audience is whisked along on a wild ride of fascinating battles as well as unbelievable twists and turns. Walton is certainly a master of pace when it comes to the true thriller parts of his novel…Walton demonstrates incredible talent and a real knack for the thriller genre… I hope he will continue to build on his success so far and write incredible thrillers in the future. I certainly think that Walton has access to a niche audience that there are not enough books to appease. I hope he will continue to evaluate his publicity efforts and get the APOK trilogy into eager hands.

“Judge, 28th Annual Writer’s Digest Self Published Book Awards”

The simple keystrokes that created the email that I received was a gift. In this one Judge’s opinion, having read numerous novels, they believe in my mission. Thank you Writer’s Digest, and thank you to all the fans out there that are along for a crazy adventure. Rest assured that there are plenty more gifts coming, because we are far from over!!!

Have a great week,


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